Lest ye become [A Custom Story]

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Three-Word Prompt: Serpentine Farewell Divergent

From the recovered recordings of Dr. Mueller:

Oct 1st —

Fuck it’s cold. Carol-Ann has left the project. It’s no wonder, she didn’t have the spine for this kind of work. Song’s stuck around and she’s doing wonderfully managing both roles. I don’t know what Sean and I would do without someone behind the scenes.

We’re hearing rumors that they’ve caught one. I get a hard-on just thinking about it. Hopefully it will be transferred to our facility soon.

Oct 22nd —

Two of them arrived. Perfect specimens. Weird fuckers, though. We separated them promptly. Sean will work on the female, while I concern myself with the male. Song made a keen observation about their smell. It’s cold. Cold.

Note: perhaps they have some synesthesiac properties?

Nov 3rd —

We’ve been trying to figure out some sort of genealogy for them, but we’re not getting far. Maybe we’re looking at it the wrong way. They’re definitely connected somehow. I spent the back part of the last week with Song, trying to figure out how they’re communicating. They’re separated by several floors and a fuckton of concrete.

How are they communicating?

Nov 23rd —

Had a weird dream. Several in fact. Don’t really want to get into it right now.

Dec 13th —
ed. note: from here on the voice notes are encrypted. They’ve been decrypted with authority from the Ministry of Religious Oversight. – P. Deja, Case Manager

I don’t think we can’t find the genealogy because there isn’t one. Genetically they’re unrelated. What if they were made this way?

Now I’m starting to sound like Carol-Ann…

Dec 19th —

It’s freezing. Song’s gone home for the rest of the winter. Sean and the female have been transferred to a different facility. We want to see how far the link between them stretches. So far the answer is: really fucking far.

Dec 29th —

The dreams again. I’m taking seven ounces of ersatz [ed. note: name of drug redacted] a week. Doesn’t help. There’s a snake in them. Always.

Jan 12th —

I dreamed that it fucked me last night. The thing, the creature. Its fingers on my back, fucking my ass. I woke up so hard and confused.

Jan 14th —

I think about it when I jerk off.

Jan 25th —


Feb 20th —

I woke up last night in the cage [ed. note: reference to the holding facility]. It was above me, staring at me. Speaking to me.

How did I get there? I got out, scrambled away. I don’t want to feel its scales on me. I don’t want that.

Mar 1st —

I leave the cage open. It doesn’t leave. Song called, says she’s worried. Says she’s been having dreams. (laughter) Gods, help us.

Mar 8th —

I think it’s a part of the snake from my dreams. I think it’s a sliver of providence. I mean, why else would I be having these dreams? Woke up in the cage again.

Mar 12th —

Song’s dead.
There are scales on my feet.
I’m not scared anymore.

5 responses to “Lest ye become [A Custom Story]”

  1. DNHD says:

    Don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that, which is like your signature move. Agghh I want more of this agghh! You always create the weirdest, vaguest… like… suggestions and just leave em there! Tease. Also I have synesthesia (I see letters and numbers as colors) so it’s always cool when someone mentions it lol

    • Benji Bright says:

      Woah! I had a long conversation once with a guy who had synesthesia. I think it’s probably one of the most interesting human phenomenon. I’d actually love to chat with you about it sometime…

      …which will probably just be a lot of me riddling you with questions, but I’d appreciate it and it’d probably filtered into fiction eventually. 😀

      Anyway, I’m glad you kind of enjoyed this, maybe? Ha ha ha.

      • DNHD says:

        definitely enjoyed it. it’s just frustrating when you pull the football away like that BUT at the same time that’s why I keep coming back to your stories. I reread them… kind of a lot lol. especially the vague ones. maybe because they leave so much room for my imagination to fill things in? idk

        Like this time I actually paid a bit more attention to the dates: most of the gaps are between 1 and 2 weeks long, but then there’s the almost month long lapse from Jan 25 to Feb 20 and it’s like what happened during that time?! tell me! I’ve been going ‘agghh’ all day over this story! lol

        sorry for the text wall. I’d be totally down to talk about synesthesia… but can we call it like, the big S or something cause the spelling keeps trippin me up.

      • Benji Bright says:

        I definitely get your frustration. Something I’m still teaching myself as a writer is the absolute minimum number of questions I have to answer. It’s not borne out of a desire to be cryptic, but there are stories where you want to have an air of mystery or to convey a specific mood, and that mood/feeling comes before telling a complete narrative. At least that’s what I think.

        I generally try to give the reader enough to hang on to, but I know that there are times when the proceedings are too vague to get definitive answers. I empathize. Really! 😀

        This is practice for me and I’m learning as I go along, so it’s great to get feedback like this that locates a concern. So thank you!


  2. Fingrfethr says:

    I dunno, Ben. I kinda like the principle of Chekhov’s Gun, stated in Wikipedia thus: “Chekhov’s gun is a metaphor for a dramatic principle concerning simplicity and foreshadowing. It suggests that if one shows a loaded gun on stage in the first act of a play, it should be fired in a later act; otherwise, the gun should not be shown in the first place.” The exception to this is making the gun into a “red herring.” I don’t think this means you have to answer every question, but if you send the reader’s attention in a certain direction, he should know why he was sent there by the end and not just have the move become a disappearing act. My .02.

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