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Scene from "Carmen" by Animan

Scene from “Carmen” by Animan

Pervy Cartoons? Don’t mind if I do

First and foremost I have to point out how amazing this animator is. You might have come across his excellent work (that last one is a standout) while searching for internet porn, but Animan elevates the form in a way that I’ve wished for since I saw my first set of dirty drawings. He’s like the Chuck Jones of gay erotica.

Do yourself a big favor and head over to his blog. For a few bucks via paypal you can check out some more of his longer form work. Worth every stroke…er…penny.

What have I been up to?

Short answer? Writing.

I’ve been working hard on the Chevalier series. The first two books of which will be re-released in the next two months through JMS Books and I just today finished working on the third. I’ve gotta say that after going through a pretty rigorous editing process and really tightening things up, I’m in love with these guys all over again. If you’re not familiar with the story it’s the tale of four mercenaries whose adventures take them all over the Queensland, a fictional country divided into four Reaches, each ruled by a very different Warden of the Queen. The stories are full of magic, intrigue, fighting, and of course, sex.

I’m also shaping things up to continue the Joining the League series which for ease of reference I’ll just start calling The League series for reasons that will become obvious once it starts coming out later in the fall.


No, I’m not joining the latest cycle of ATM. I’m actually looking for someone to send me a picture (no nudity necessary) that I can fuck with in a photoshop to make a cover image for a thing I’m working on. If you’re interested (and even vaguely in shape) let me know at benjibright [at sign] gmail [dot] com and I can tell you the details. Oh and I can’t give you any money, so there’s that. Sorry about that. But if it turns out really spectacularly I’d consider writing you a personalized story of some sort, probably a 1000 words piece on the theme of your choice. That’s attractive, right?

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