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Doing some Ledger maintenance so if things look screwy for a bit, just hang tight until I put the screws back in.


5:27 PM CST ā€” Oh shit! That shit looks different! I know, I know. But it’ll all come together. You’ll see.

6:25 PM CST ā€” As is the case nearly every time I try to alter something using wordpress, the reality is much more complicated, circuitous, and fucking irritating than you’d think. Hold tight, there’s more tumult to come.

7:23 PM CST ā€” So I’ve made peace with my wordpress theme for the moment and things are the way they are. I’ll tinker more when I get a chance but for now, I think I’ve incorporated most of the little changes I wanted though some of the finer points still elude me (grumble, grumble). Either way, expect new work soon. Ā šŸ˜€

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