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So I finished this prototype game. It only took me all day, but it’s done. At least done-ish. Everything “should” work, but I haven’t tested it extensively, nor have I finished my editorial process, but if you don’t mind a product that’s a little rough around the edges — feel free to dive in.

Once again, Traveler is a gay multiple-choice erotic narrative/erotic game. It features branching paths, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ endings for each path and scenes of graphic sexual contact. Again, the game is ‘finished’ but nowhere near polished, so if you have any trouble playing through it  (or downloading it for that matter) please email me and let me know.

Aside from that…Enjoy.

Download: Here [The game is currently down until I get a chance to do some more editing on it, but if you’re interested in getting a copy feel free to email me.]

Instructions: Once you download the .html file from rapidshare, you should be able to open it and get started right away. You navigate the game by clicking on the blue hyperlinks. If you get to an ending you don’t particularly enjoy, feel free to start over by hitting Restart or The Story in the left hand navigation box.

Actually this post is super obsolete. You can play Traveler right in your browser: here.

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