Super Quick Update, Lightning Time!

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So the world survived another year. A wondrous thing indeed.

I have a lot on my plate in 2013 and I won’t bore you with all the details, instead I’ll give you a SUPER QUICK UPDATE!

– My novella Candid is finally coming out next Tuesday (Jan 8th) and will be accompanied by a swanky trailer which made me lose my shit, it was so cool. It’ll be available in ebook and paperback format. This leads us to the next part of this update…

-Custom erotica. As incentive to buy my book, brave and powerful readers of this blog are encouraged to buy the book ($5.99 print version, or an ebook version at some lesser price-point) and snap a quick photograph of themselves with it. You can send the pictures to benjibright at gmail dot com. The first ten readers who do will earn themselves a custom piece of erotica. 1250 words of certified smut for less than a two-pack of bran cereal (and infinitely hotter). If you request the picture not be shared then it won’t be, but if not then I’d love to show you off, dear reader, on this very website! With my book! I have a book! I’m basically famous. You can jerk off to something that I wrote with one hand while you flip pages with the other…

…basically I’m turning myself on accidentally, so I’ll settle down here. Long story short: buy my book, get free lit porn. Easy as…well…getting yourself off.

Check back next Tuesday for more contest details.


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