This is a list of the stories* on the Ledger, it is sorted by category in (more-or-less) reverse chronological order. The labels are as follows:

Author’s Choice  means that you’re looking at a story that I particularly love.
1000 means the story is a part of the 1000 Words series, so named because of its word count.
Shorts are under 1000 words.

*Neither the 99 nor 500 word stories on the site are listed here.

non fiction

These are stories that definitely, 100% for serious-time actually happened. A few things might be changed like names or apartment numbers, but the debauchery is honest, at least. 

In a Hotel Bathroom (May 2011)
A clandestine hookup in a bathroom during NYC Pride at the height of summer.

Un Perro (Oct 2011) [1000] [Author’s Choice!]
An office drone seeks a little after hours relief. (Light authoritarian themes) (Now password protected; query me personally for access)

 realistic fiction

These are stories set firmly in the real world. The situations might be a little improbable, but there’s enough sex to overlook those inconsequential little niggles. 

Art History 201 (Apr 2013) [1000]
A dark room. A racy slide. A horny junior. What could happen?

The Journalist (Apr 2013)
A journalist bargains for the story of a lifetime with a pervy tech whiz.

Closing the Deal (a Sequel to The Interview) (Apr 2013)
Nick finally got the job, now he has to close a multi-million dollar deal.

All In (Apr 2013) [1000]
Max and Remy are travelling across the country to compete in poker tournaments. But that’s not the only high stakes game they’re playing.

The Realtor (Feb 2013)
Mike will do anything to close this sale.

Boy Gallery (Jan 2013) [1000]
A guy walks into a gallery displaying, of course, men. Men that he can’t afford.

Nicky Noir…
& The Hangover (Nov 2012) — Private Dick Nicky Noir deals with the consequences of overindulgence of alcohol and questionable men.
& Shin the Pin (Apr 2013) — Nicky goes to Koreatown to find a wealthy woman’s lost son and finds himself making an embarrassing compromise.

The Barber [Short] (Nov 2012)
A barber cuts a punk’s hair and then some.

Man & Pig (Oct 2012)
An owner takes his “pet” to a kinky showing where the poor thing is put through quite an ordeal.

The Driver (Aug 2012) [1000]
A limo driver and his boss’s son take a quick, sexually-charged drive out of the city.

The Office Assistant (Jul 2012) [1000]
An overworked office drone takes his frustration out on himself.

A Royal Wedding (Apr 2012)
A crown prince tackles regrets and obligation on his wedding day.

The Underwear Game (Jan 2012) [1000]
A second person instructional on how to properly play a fetish game.

The Diner (Jan 2012) [1000]
A server on the late shift encounters an exhibitionistic couple.

11:58 (Jan 2012) [1000]
A business-man keeps himself occupied while waiting for a tow-truck on New Years Eve.

Planet of the Babes (Feb 2012)
A fraternity party. A dare. And tiki torches, for some reason.

The Gentleman’s Agreement: Part 1 (Dec 2011) and Part 2 (Jan 2012)
A chronicle of the travails surrounding a wild queer bar in 1920s New York.

The Man Awards (Aug 2011)
A silly little piece about a reality show/pageant for sexy dudes.

Boston (The Wanderer Series) (Sep 2011) [1000]
A chance encounter on the T sets off a rowdy bout of fantasy.

Brooklyn (The Wanderer Series) (Jul 2011) [1000]
A meeting at a bar during one the hottest days of the summer turns the night even hotter.

The Dressing Room (Jun 2011) [1000]
A bike messenger goes to grab a suit for a wedding and finds out that a great suit carries quite a charge.

The Interview (Jun 2011) [1000]
Nick wants this job so bad he can taste it, but what is he willing to do for it?

Soft Landing Place (Jan 2011) [1000]
A polyamorous trio enjoys a relaxing night at home.

speculative fictionThese are stories with premises that are decidedly unnormal. There are amusing experiments, sexy cryptic little puzzles, and balls out genre send-ups. In my honest opinion, this is where the good stuffs at. 

lust.exe (July 2013)
A tourist on the ruined surface of earth has a life-changing encounter in what remains of St. Louis.

Jack’s Devil—Jack has a devil problem. Specifically that one has taken up residence in his soul and won’t leave him alone.
#1: !—Jack has a work problem. (June 2013)
#2: ?—Jack has a birthday problem. (June 2013)
#3: &—Jack has an ex-boyfriend problem. (Sept 2013)

Pratt, The Adventurer (May 2013)
A famous (and famously conceited) adventurer recounts a sex-tinged rescue.

Impasse (Apr 2013)
A paladin and a rogue are holed up in a cavern by mage fire raining outside. What’s a man to do?

Dancing on Mars (Apr 2013)
Two strangers meet at a Martian dance-club and explore intimacy online and off.

The Ravisher (Mar 2013)
A warlord recounts the dalliances he’s enjoyed along the road to absolute domination.

Practicum (Dec 2012)
A student of the Arcane Arts goes in for a test of his abilities that’s wilder—and harder—than he may be ready for.

Joining the League: Series 1(Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, SixSevenEight, Interlude[8.5], Nine, Epilogue)
Newcomer Nick joins up with the superhero league and tries to keep up with the twists, turns, and turn-ons of being a real-live-capital-H Hero.

Leaving the League: Series 2 (Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five)
After the events of “Joining the League” Nick’s journey continues in a new role with more adventure, sex, and inevitable complications.

DRM-Free (Sep 2012) & DRM-Free[2] [1000](Oct 2012)
[1] A down on his luck engineer receives a free app courtesy of a friend and eagerly tries it out.
[2] After a busy day, Darius comes home to make dinner and discovers his roommate in a sublime state.

The Witch Hunter (Jun 2012)
A Witch has been apprehended in a little village and there seems to be one man capable of dealing with it.

Yesterday’s Kings (Apr 2012)
A deposed king suffers the vicious attentions of his sucessor. (Vaguely borders non-consensual territory)

Hungry [1000] (Feb 2012)
A sweet little bloodsucker story that never mentions the V-word.

The Spice Merchant (Jan 2012) [1000] & The Slave Prince (Apr 2012) [Author’s Choice!]
A prince asks to be brought a flavor he’s never tasted and gets far more than he expects and consequences that fan outward exponentially.

The Entirety of the Song, Pt I (Apr 2012)
The story of a Song that led to a collapse. This one is pretty…unusual.

The Depths (Mar 2012) [Author’s Choice!]
An outcast practitioner is brought back to the realm that sent him away in order to save a dying king.

Gear (Mar 2012)
On a long-term mission at the outer reaches of space, a soldier spends some quality time with himself.

Shell (Jan 2012) [1000]
A man makes a thing to assuage his loneliness, a thing that resembles his son.

Atlas (Dec 2011)
The figure of myth is assailed by shades as he holds the world in place.

Calling the Kindred (Nov 2011)
An inadvertent summoning puts a teen in a unique position to get something that he wants very badly.

Scions of Onan (Sept 2011)
A dutiful young worshipper of the god Onan finds his faith greatly rewarded.

As Luck Would Have It (Sept 2011) [Author’s Choice!]
A down-on-his-luck guy runs into the personification of Luck itself.

Squire (Aug 2011)
A young squire attempts to get closer to the troubled knight who he trains under.

Raphael’s Last Stand (Jun 2011) [1000]
An angel desperately battles a demonic nemesis all the while trying to keep his mind clear of perverse influence.

Mr. Unshakable Vs. Gearicho (Jan 2011), Nympho Noir (Jun 2011), Malibu Max (Aug 2011) [1000]
The satirical superhero Mr. Unshakable fights (and fucks) his way through a stable of horny deviants.