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So this is a snippet of something that I’m working on. The premise is something like X-Men (or any regular people get powers thing) in an arena setting. These are profiles of two of the project’s major players. 


Jimmy was a porn star before he was a killer. Most guys in the colisseum don’t discuss ‘before’, which makes sense. There are only really two options and they’re not necessarily mutually-exclusive: 1) life before was such a fucking mess that you would rather dismantle other human beings for a payoff, or 2) the colisseum is hell and whatever life you left behind had instantly become the sorest subject in the world. Jimmy was different, he was open about his life in porn, but didn’t seem all that broken up about leaving it behind. 

“It wears you down,” he once said. “Living in the gym, medicated erections, treating carbs like the grim fucking reaper. And don’t get me started on those primadonna directors…no, this gig is more honest.” 

When the Change came upon Jimmy he was in the middle of shooting on ‘Malibu Manhunt’. At first he thought he was coming down with the flu, but ended up sprouting retractable bone protrusions all over his body, some of them up to six feet long. He impaled his co-star in six places. That part he doesn’t like to talk about so much. 

After that it’s no wonder that he found the colisseum or that the colisseum found him. After the Change most people start asking questions and suddenly there are people promising answers and better yet, solutions.

Jimmy isn’t what the showrunners call ‘a big winner’ like Browst Steel or Yancey the Ghost, but he pulls in steady numbers and he’s hard to get close to which makes him hard to kill. It doesn’t hurt that he’s photogenic as fuck and well-hung. The producers also do a decent sideline streaming live from ‘hidden cameras’ in Jimmy’s apartment after a win. After he sent a bone-lance through the Rainmaker’s throat, Jimmy had a set of brazilian triplets flown in for his pleasure. He chose one of them at random and had his brothers fuck him raw on camera. They took turns seeding his hole while Jimmy and his paying audience watched. Only at the end when the thoroughly fucked brazilian kid was coated and filled with his brothers’ jizz did Jimmy take his turn. The traffic from generated from that scene alone nearly crashed the Colisseum’s website. 


Hyun is a salesman. That’s what the producers will tell you about him if they could be bothered to answer questions honestly. He sells normalcy. On his off days he plays rugby with his coterie of attractive twenty-something friends, attends gallery openings dressed in modestly-priced suits, and gives interviews for the website in his charming accent. He has a massive following in the 15-21 female demographic. You would never guess that this Korean-born, British-educated action figure has more deaths on his hands than years in his young life. 

The Change graced him with inhuman strength and uncommon resilience, but his rigorous training as an MMA fighter and thai kickboxer makes him a serious threat. He’s a showoff, of course. A coliseum natural. He once delivered a kick so fierce that he sent his opponent sailing thirty feet into one of the arena’s cameras in the ceiling. They replayed the footage for a week. 

Because his audience skews so young, the producers have Hyun avoid the hardcore stuff. Instead they get stills of him in the changing room after his fights. There are thousands of comments on a photo of him pulling a charred, shredded shirt up over his head exposing the unblemished chest, pecs, and abs beneath. 

Hyun would tell you that he’s just a regular guy and despite his preternatual abilities and extensive media training, you can’t help but believe him. That’s why he’s one of the faces of the coliseum. 

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