Roughly Six Months Later…

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Heh heh.

Hey, everyone. If there is indeed an everyone that I can “hey” to. I realize it’s been an extended vacation, but I have super good news. I have fiction for you. It’s not hypothetical fiction or metaphysical fiction that you have to travel into some alternate reality to obtain. It’s real and it exists.

Here’s the part you’re gonna hate: it’s not ready yet. Well, some of it is, but I’m trying to do a new thing called 99 Stories. It’s a veritable deluge of new fiction (and at least one interactive project) that I’ll release sequentially across multiple platforms. You can read a little more about it here.

A few of those new pieces are the next few chapters of Leaving the League, which a few people have asked me about. There’s also a ton of short stories and a new serial which I’ll be rolling out in the coming months. I know I’ve already sucked up way more of your patience than I maybe deserve, but a little more and you’ll be rewarded with a ton of new stuff for you to cram down whatever hole(s) you read with—that is how reading works, right? The smut maker in me assumes people are always filling up their holes somehow…


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  1. Curt Clark says:


    You haven’t been forgotten. I’m delighted to hear you’re still writing, and I look forward to what you’ve come up with!

    (Now I need to go re-read ‘Leaving the League’ so I remember where we last left off!)

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