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Disclaimer: This post contains no spoilers about Adventure School please try not to include any in comments either.

The Adventure School add-on/game I’m in the process of writing is called Rin’s Exam. It’s being written using the software Twine (which is open source and functional despite some rather icky bugs).

The idea behind creating a game is that the story takes place in a world that was larger than the story I had intended to tell. Adventure School always had a pretty clear beginning and ending point, but over time I grew fond enough of the world to want to extend it a bit. I thought of different ways to do that, but in the end I figured making a text adventure was a fun way to incorporate bits of lore, a dynamic user experience and the quasi-satirical and sexy environment that I think characterizes the story.

The main character of this side adventure is Rin. A magus from a rather famous family who is not exactly committed to achieving the level of excellence expected of him. The game opens on the day of the practical exam for Rin’s adventuring license. He has been less than diligent in his studying and depending on the user’s choices, our plucky protagonist may or may not be fucked (literally and figuratively).

On a break from working on a project today, I did a super duper quick (and hella rough) sketch of our hero. I didn’t really bother cleaning it up or fixing its myriad issues because I still have a lot more work to do today, but here it is.

Hopefully the game will be done in the upcoming weeks. Once I figure out exactly how I’m going to host it, I’ll have more information for you folks.

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