The Realtor

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I realized that this story was posted on Nifty, but never here. It’s short, but lively. Enjoy. -B. 

“This is the last apartment on our list,” Mike explained, as he unlocked the door.

The two men walked into the apartment and began looking around. Mike pointed at the walls and Damien’s eyes followed. “As you can see the walls were repainted very recently: it’s a warmer color, but you can feel free to change it. The flooring was completely ripped out and redone last summer. It’s now a wood laminate, which is easier to clean than hardwood. You’re a career guy, you probably don’t have time to be down on your hands and knees polishing, right?”

Damien nodded and smiled. “I’d prefer not to.”

Mike smiled back, a realtor’s smile. “Follow me and I’ll show you the master bedroom.”

The master bedroom was spacious. It was outfitted with a queen-sized bed, a big black dresser, and dual nightstands but still managed to feel roomy. It also had big east facing windows that let in a lot of sunlight. “If you have to be up in the morning, just leave those blinds open and I guarantee you will be up.”

Damien looked around, his hands in his pockets. His big watch sitting on his big wrist. “What about the furnishings?”

“Excuse me?” Mike asked.

“The furnishings. The bed, dresser…do they come with the place?” Damien asked.

Mike licked his lips. “They’re just here for the showings, but a purchase could be negotiated.”

“Good. I don’t have a lot of time for furniture shopping. The more complete this place is when I buy the better.”

“So you’re considering making an offer then?” Mike asked.

Damien shrugged. “Maybe. I want to be wined and dined a little first. Tell me about the area.”

“Quiet for the most part. There’s a prep school three blocks down and the kids can be kids when they get out around 3, but the school is usually good about moving them along. Otherwise, your noise level should be very low. There’s a great breakfast spot up the street, a lot of the residents on this block frequent it. This area is a slice of serenity in the chaos of the city, but if you want to go looking for a good time there are bars and nightclubs within walking distance.”

“I noticed the condo association fees are a little high for this area, why is that?”

Mike’s tongue flicked out over his lips again. “Indoor heated pool available year-round. Complimentary storage. A group rate on renter’s insurance. This association is incredibly strong so you’re paying for quality.”

There was a hint of sweat on the ridge of Mike’s forehead just underneath his expensive haircut.

“Paying for quality,” Damien repeated. “Can I speak plainly with you, Mike?”


“Do you want to close this sale?”

“I do.”

“Then suck my dick.”

Mike laughed. Damien did not.

“You’re kidding, right?” Mike said.

“I’m not hurting for money, Mike. You have my financials, you know I don’t need to buy this place. I can go further uptown and get a place twice the price and half the charm. I want to buy but like I said, I need to be wined and dined a little. I want to be impressed. Do you want to impress me?” Mike lowered his zipper as he spoke and just left it hanging open like a question mark.

Mike started to lick his lips but stopped halfway. “The agency…”

“Doesn’t have to know how you closed the deal. Or how you secured my repeat business. I’m shopping for office space soon, it’d be nice to do it with a familiar agency and a friendly face,” Damien explained. “This could be good for you, Mike.”

Damien’s thick fingers reached into the open fly of his dress pants and fished out his half-hard cock. It jumped a little as Mike looked at it. He glanced out the window and then back at Damien whose hands were back in his pockets.

Mike took a few steps forward and reached out to touch Damien’s cock. Even half-hard it was very big.

“On your knees,” Damien said calmly.

Mike went down on his knees on the laminate floor.

“Keep your mouth closed for a minute. I’ll tell you when to suck me off,” Damien said, and proceeded to take a hand out of his pocket and use it to guide his dick over Mike’s closed lips. He rubbed his hardening cock over Mike’s lips and the realtor stared at it.

“Open. A little.”

Mike did. He opened his mouth a little and Damien forced the fat head of his circumcised dick into Mike’s mouth.

“Lick,” Damien commanded. “Softly.”

Mike licked Damien’s dickhead as tentatively as he could. His tongue quivered over and around it, bathing the fat head in his spit. He could taste the salty precum seeping from Damien’s piss-slit.

“Cocksucker,” Damien whispered. “Cocksucker.

Hold the head in your mouth.”

So Mike did. He trapped the head of Damien’s fat cock between his lips while Damien jerked off. Mike looked up and Damien used his free hand to push his head back down.

“Don’t look at me, cocksucker. Just work my dick.”

Damien jerked off furiously and Mike just kneeled in front of him and licked his dickhead. He held it steady as Damien tugged the shaft and with each thrust threatened to pull it out of his mouth.

“Do you want my money?” Damien asked. “Do you want my cum?”

Mike closed his eyes. He didn’t answer, couldn’t with a dick in his mouth.

Damien grunted and pulled his dick out of Mike’s mouth. He started cumming on Mike’s face and the realtor only had time to close his eyes before the first splashes started hitting his nose, forehead, lips, and chin. Damien shot a prolific load and it went on long after Mike had guessed it would finish. He opened his eyes when it was over. He looked down at the streaks of jizz across his hundred dollar shirt, dripping down onto his even more expensive pants, down onto the faux-wood flooring.

Damien cleared his throat and stuffed his still hard dick back into his pants.

“I’ll come by the office to sign the papers tomorrow afternoon,” Damien said.

Mike wiped the cum off of his lips with the back of his hand. “I’ll be there. Thank you.”

Mike then added, “and we can talk about that office space.”

“Of course,” Damien said. “I can show myself out.”


Mike stayed there, kneeling on the floor, long after Damien had gone. His dick was so hard in his pants.

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