“Real women eat chicken!” — Updates for the week of Jun 24

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  • Even though I just released the eighth chapter of Joining the League just yesterday, I’m already hard at work on the next installment. I figured I’d treat you to a little teaser. The first sentence:

If an aquakinetic takes you into his shower, you can expect either a good time or a closed casket funeral.




And here’s a little excerpt from some of the writing. It comes from a scene in which you can choose to check yourself (Sam, the titular shaman) out:

You’re a vain bastard, you know that?

So you look good in your boxer briefs. They’re a little tight around the legs, but that’s how you buy them, to show off those ridiculous thighs of yours. They’re white and the curve of them over your genitals is just a little obscene, but no one’s looking right? Just you and the hint of sweat that’s making the fabric cling that much closer to your skin.

All in all it’s an exciting time here full of new, interesting developments around every corner.

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