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Hey everybody,

I’ve got an update for you! (Sort of)

It’s really just a few quick things. Firstly, I realize I’ve been abysmal about updating. I’ve been doing a side-gig along with my day job and it makes for interesting flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants weeks. I still should be better about prioritizing this site and I’m sorry about that. I’ve also been dealing with some mental hygiene stuff and I’m trying to make sure I’m fit as a fiddle in the thinking department, which—as someone who’s been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long long time—can be tricky.

But I’m guessing my mental state is less interesting to you than what I’m working on.

I’m writing a new game-thing, which is called Supplicant. It treads familiar territory by concerning itself with gods and such. In this case you’ll be playing as a regular ol’ human who has the great (mis?)fortune of being chosen as this year’s Supplicant. The job is simple enough: interact with the gods and deliver your testimony of their glory unto the rabble. The execution is decidedly more ridiculous. The game is highly dynamic and changes both as a result of randomness and factors you choose at the outset.

The release date is sometime in March for Patreon sponsors and probably late April or early May for free on this site.

In the interim I have some free (as in free, no strings) fiction that I’m working on to plaster these barren halls. Thanks for being patient with me while I figure out my life. You folks are the tops.


Supplicant Preview

Taro isn’t always Taro. And he isn’t always thin, or white.


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