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I’ve been working on a collection of short stories using the 1000 word project as a jumping off point. So far five original stories (all of them longer than 1000 words :P) have been written exclusively for the collection. At the moment I’m in hardcore editing, but things are looking rosy so far. The release window is still a ways off because there’s a lot to consider in self-publishing, but you can always check back here for more info.

This is an excerpt from one of the new stories. It’s called Candid #01:

Interviewer: …while the tape’s rolling. Ok. Soit’s alright if I record this?

Subject: Yeah, sure. That’sfine.

INT: Excellent. So thanks for meeting me here. I knowit takes some guts to meet a stranger in a hotel room.

SUB:You’re welcome. I don’t think you’re an axe murderer or anything, Isaw your site and you interviewed a friend of mine.

INT:Nice. So I’m just going to reiterate what this interview is about.I’m going to ask you some detailed questions about your sexualhistory and all you have to do is answer candidly.

SUB: Gotit. Shouldn’t be a problem.

INT: Good. So, first question,when and where did you last masturbate?

SUB: The last time?Right before this interview, actually. I was kind of nervous. I do itsometimes when I’m nervous. It settles me down. I was at a sandwichshop and I just went into a bathroom stall.

INT: And then?

SUB: You want me to be specific?

INT: Iwould, if you don’t mind.

SUB: No, not at all. I um…I guessI just pulled it out —

INT: Through your fly?

SUB:Yeah, through my fly. I’m not wearing underwear so that made it easy.I was nervous, but kind of excited too. So I was already kind of hardthinking about this. I spit on my hand and rubbed it into the head. Iwas kind of horny, but I still needed something…extra. I didn’thave any porn on me so I started fantasizing, you know?

INT:About what?

SUB: About this interview. About the questionsyou’d ask. I started fantasizing that you’d make me do things too.Not just ask questions, but make me do things as well. 

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