A preview of God(s)! —My New Twine Game

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I’m working on a brand new piece of short twine fiction. It’s similar in process to Fuck That Guy, but the tone here is a little lighter and frothier. I’m giving myself about a week to get it all written and packaged, so expect it soon. You can check out the dev blog (such that it is) here.

The game, called God(s)! is a slice-of-life interactive fiction concerning the comings and goings of a god of desire. You’ll navigate his life as he encounters  his dead beat ex, the hot (but temperamental) new barista at his favorite cafe, and of course, the endless sea of supplicants looking for quick romantic fixes.

I hope you like it and keep an eye on that link above for more information about the project and to see a little teaser image.

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