Pixel Boyfriend #3: He wouldn’t be crying if he was MY devil.

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Ok, ok. So the title of this article sucks, but hopefully since this is a new entry on a feature that’s been on life support for at least a year you’ll forgive me. This entry is all about Dante.

Say hello, Dante:


Aloha from Sexytown.

Demon-killer, wiseass, and “disaffected youth” with a heart of sorta gold, Dante strikes all the right notes for the millennial hero.

DMC: Devil May Cry is the 2013 reboot of Capcom’s frenetic action series. You play as Dante—the smart-mouthed son of an angel and demon—whose mission becomes the eradication of the demon overlords quietly ruling  all human existence. The game’s story is palatable, but Dante is more so.

Undershirts as outerwear? You make me forget myself, Dante...

Undershirts as outerwear? You make me forget myself, Dante…

As a game, DMC (I’m not referring to it as DMC: Devil May Cry for the rest of this article, because that title is dumber than a truckload of rocks. Why abbreviate and then flake out on your own abbreviation? DNDC: Don’t know, Don’t care) is perhaps too self-consciously gritty. I love seeing adult narratives in games, but there were several points where I felt the game was trying too hard to be a rated R action film. Good thing this isn’t a game review.


Back inside me…wait, what?

What’s interesting about Dante’s redesign from his earlier incarnation which you can see here, is how intentionally they’ve sexed him up. In a gaming culture that’s been slow to address anything beside the straight, male gamer’s gaze, Dante represents something of a pleasant shift in direction: A male character designed, at least in part, to be unabashedly sexy. Interestingly, DMC and Dante comes from Ninja Theory the same developers who created Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and the standout character Monkey, whom I salivated over in my inaugural Pixel Boyfriend. Both characters are sexualized (crazy tight jeans, pronounced hip bones, bare chests [though only occasionally in Dante’s case]) beyond the average big budget studio main character.

As for his personality, well, nobody’s perfect. Still I didn’t mind looking at him throughout my 10+ hour play-through.

He does wear clothes in the game, if I remember correctly.

He does wear clothes in the game, if I remember correctly.

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Dante, DMC: Devil May Cry, and Devil May Cry are copyright CAPCOM and NINJA THEORY. The gifs and screencaps were grabbed from various internet sources:

The 1st gif is watermarked from here. While the second one came from here. The first screencap is from another tumblr, sadly I don’t remember which. The second is from the Devil May Cry wiki, linked above.



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