Pixel Boyfriend #2: The Made Man

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(The Make Him Yourself Edition!)

You’d think it’d be harder to get a clean shave while hunting monsters, but here we are.

The hunk in the center is Letho. He’s my Arisen. The hero of my personal quest for vengeance and glory in the world of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. As you can see by his bow, this strapping young gentleman is an archer (for now). He also has a slim frame and a super effeminate walk, but he’s murder with his double-blades. Fuck your stereotypes!

Letho is the silent type so he fits neatly into a long tradition of quiet RPG heroes. As his companions, the suitably titled Pawns, chatter on about plot points and hidden dangers, our man Letho keeps his cool.

Goblins? No problem.

Harpies? Picked out of the sky with ease.

Dragons? Well, er, everything dies eventually.

I tend to like silent heroes. As a prolific daydreamer I find the endless grind of RPGs soothing; I can deposit my own storylines and complications into the mix. It’s one of the reasons why I love the Etrian Odyssey series and come back to the endless depths of Disgaea: I like imagining quests that diverge from the main storylines and give me reasons to fantasize about the heroes running off and doing stuff that the game’s plot doesn’t directly demand.

So when Letho is plumbing the depths of a dungeon, perhaps it’s strictly for treasure. His haul of coins and armor sold for a premium on a thriving black market. Or maybe to pay off a “seedy” debt to the cranky blacksmith. Whatever works.

This edition of Pixel Boyfriend is all about crafting your own story and filling in the blanks with your imagination. So let’s hear from you: have you ever made up a story about a pixelated crush that got you through the long slog to the endgame? If so, the comment section awaits.

[As the screenshots indicate, Dragon’s Dogma is property of Capcom. If it were mine, he’d be much naked-er]

That red-robed magic-slinger in the back is eyeing you, Letho. Watch out!

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  1. ingonyama70 says:

    My main (modded) Skyrim character, Leon Thando, is the descendant of my main Oblivion character, his however-many-greats grandfather Leonus.

    He’s mostly of Imperial blood (hence the name), but has just enough Nord in him to be able to endure the elements with relatively little clothing.

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