Pixel Boyfriend #1: There’s a Monkey in the jungle

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A cool, if silly, new featureThis is a weirdly personal (and weirdly weird) confession, but every time I’m testing out a new keyboard or a new word processing program, hell, even if I just don’t know what to type — I’ll write: “There’s a monkey in the jungle watching a vapor trail, caught up in the conflict between his brain and his tail.” It’s a lyric from the Gorillaz song 19-2000 and I have no idea why it wormed its way into my subconscious and became my go to lorem ipsum phrase. At least I didn’t until Monkey came into my life.

The character from Ninja Theory’s 2010 action-platformer Enslaved just does it for me. Sure he has a face that looks like it’s seen the hard side of a barn door a couple times, but that just gives him character. He’s apocalypse-chic down to the sexy, if slightly wince-inducing, brands on his arms. He could rescue me from robots any time of the year, but preferably during summer so he doesn’t have to get bogged down by all that clothes.

I’ll admit that the idea for this entry came from a post over at gaygamer.net which beautifully describes the kind of vibe that Monkey seems to give off, “Which is to say, it had that certain male sexuality that people like Calvin Klein have worked to bring into the mainstream” writes VorpalBunny.

Monkey is gruff and urbane, and there’s a fluidity to his animation that’s incredibly easy to look at. His ultra low-rise pants and perpetual shirtlessness definitely have something to do with it as well. I couldn’t think of a better character for my inaugural installment of Pixel Boyfriend.

If you have a Pixel Boyfriend (or three) of your own go to town in the comments and let me know.


[The font for the Pixel Boyfriend image is Joseph Gibson’s “Clubland” and the image of Monkey is property of Ninja Theory, but was pulled from the Enslaved wiki: here.]

3 responses to “Pixel Boyfriend #1: There’s a Monkey in the jungle”

  1. Ingonyama says:

    Auron from Final Fantasy X was my first Pixel Boyfriend.

    I’d been playing video games since I was 7 years old (got my start with Super Mario Bros. in 1989), and while I liked a fair chunk of video game protagonists, no one really made me lust for them until FFX’s man-harem of Wakka, Kimahri (so I like protective hairy dudes, shut up), and Auron.

    Auron was, to me, probably the second most compelling character in that game behind Yuna, the heroine. He was gruff and serious, but knew how to lighten up, even if only in a vaguely sarcastic sense. That made him funnier than some of the overt goofballs you saw in the game, like protagonist Tidus or token-spunky-girl Rikku. And his whole story really tugged at my heartstrings, especially if you take into account that the closeness he shared with his friends in the flashbacks may not just have been ‘friendly’. That, and his design was just droolworthy; gruff and scrubby, with elements of old-world samurai that still didn’t seem too out of place in the pseudo-modern setting of Spira.

    So yeah…that was my first Pixel Boyfriend. others came along later, but Auron will always be No. 1 (behind my REAL boyfriends, naturally!).

    • Benji Bright says:

      I always thought Wakka was cute, but maybe just a little too goofy. Though now that we’re on the subject of Final Fantasy, maybe it’s time for a second Pixel Boyfriend installment… 😀

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