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Chris and Micah enter the room and sit in designated chairs exactly four feet apart, making any physical contact between the two impossible. The counselor sits behind a desk and writes notes with a chrome pen for six minutes before looking up.

“You’d like a permit,” he says.

“We would, yes,” Micah answers.

The counselor looks them over. “The state allows for exceptions to be made. The state is not unkind. But, we deal in fact here. Evidence is required.”

Chris reaches into his messenger bag, retrieves papers. The counselor waves him off.

“Papers can be forged. Evidence is required, gentlemen.” The counselor sits back and taps his pen. “I’m required to inform you that this meeting is being filmed. Your consent has been authorized on form 146-B, but I’m required to remind you. I don’t mean to be shocking gentlemen, but I’ve seen those who feign your purported interests in order to shirk their service to the state. Their procreative service, I mean.”

“We aren’t. I swear. We have documents, like I said. We’ve been observed by—”

“Some things, in my experience, are hard to fake. Mr…” The counselor checks his papers. “Christopher Gebbins and Mr. Micah Lyons. Would you kiss each other? For the record.”

Both hesitate, but then get out of their seats and move toward each other. Chris glances at the counselor, whose face is impassive, then at Micah. The two men kiss briefly. Before they can part and go back to their seats, the counselor stops them.

“Hardly definitive. Hardly passionate. Not that the state is in the business of passion, but it demands evidence, gentlemen. Would you undress each other?”

Chris’s eyebrows knit and he opens his mouth, but Micah puts a hand on his shoulder, shakes his head. Micah starts taking off his shirt and Chris follows his lead. Micah strips down to his briefs and only hesitates a moment before shedding them. Chris is slower to comply.

“Is there a problem, Christopher Gebbins?” asks the counselor.

“I don’t understand the need for this.”

“Did you think it would be free? That a permit for the alternative life you’re building would come without cost?” The counselor frowns. “If you’d like to appeal this process, you are entitled, as a citizen. But the process could take months, years.

“If you would like to continue, please touch each other. For the record.”

Micah touches Chris’s stomach with enough tenderness to distract him. Chris looks at him and they kiss, a real kiss this time. A kiss that makes Micah’s cock stiffen and gets Chris stirring in his underwear. Chris touches Micah’s dick and Micah sighs. Micah kisses his lover’s neck and glances over at the counselor who is tapping his pen with one hand, the other is invisible below his desk, but Micah can see his arm moving.

“This is for the best, gentlemen. Irrefutable evidence. Now, as you can see there are supplies on the shelf behind you. Would you penetrate each other?”

2 responses to “Permitted”

  1. howlevmuso says:

    A very imaginative setup indeed! Well done!

    • Benji Bright says:

      Thanks! Hopefully we’ll never have to offer such proof to any government officials, but in my perverse mind the idea is a little sexy. 😛

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