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So in my other life, I’m a poem of great renown (see: struggling, broke, and just slightly less than totally anonymous). I write poetry that pretty much revolves around the same themes as my fiction here does, so there’s a decent degree of overlap. Today I wrote this poem which kind of unites both worlds. Viscerally. I hope. Also, there’s audio. So you get to hear my voice. Exciting, non? 

The Rimming

Mistakes were made in the making
of the moment, when I didn’t ask
and you let it happen. As if a tongue
in your ass is some big fucking deal,
dude, admit, it felt good. I am good
at that shit. Still, I could have asked
before you came with your hole
clenched down against my tongue
like a drowning man to a raft
made of awesome. Courtesy is elusive
when you’re that hard. And you tasted
like sweetness and musk and volition.

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My nom de plume is Benji Bright and I’m an erotica writer. I write the kind of smut that I like to read: hot, whimsical, occasionally thoughtful, and sometimes just plain silly. Outside of writing I’m a film buff, a music lover, and an RPG addict. Also I’m a real person: so feel free to contact me.

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