Oh, it’s you again.

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You got places to go / you got people to know / you got plans to get your shit together. Beth Hart

What is this the tenth revival? Who knows? Maybe I’m the only goddamned one reading, but that’s alright. Sometimes you gotta keep yourself entertained.

Blah blah blah…

Anyway, assuming that there are still eyes to see it. I have an unexpected present:

Instead of doing actual work I sketched out what I thought Zophir (the somewhat oversexed co-protagonist) of Adventure School might look like. Of course these things are terribly subjective and so maybe the image you get is different than the one floating around my head.

The staff is an affectation considering that none of the magi in my story actually carry them around. A prop really.

I also sketched what I thought Skip might look like off the top of my head and I’ll present that too once I get clean it up a smidgen in an image editor.

So if you’re around and alive, dear reader, lemme know — is this what you thought he might look like? Am I totally off base? Inquiring minds!


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