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I’m making some behind the scenes changes to the blog so don’t be too freaked out if things look a little screwy. If you have trouble accessing the site, lemme know at troublemonkee at gmail dot com.

Thanks and sorry in advance for any weirdness.


UDPATE: Ok. So. I guess welcome to I’m currently switching things over to a hosting plan so that I can experiment with a few things. The original URL ( for this site will still work fine, but doesn’t link to anything at the moment so be careful with that. Hopefully that’ll change in a few days.

Whew. That was hairy for a bit…I need a drink.


I’m going to try to diagnose a quick issue. So the address might go down for a moment undetermined time period, so if it does feel free to revert to the blogspot link until it’s resolved. Thanks and sorry.


Alright, so I’m totally unsure about whether anything is working right now. So I think I’m just going to back slowly away from this project and just figure this shit out later before my brain starts oozing through my nostrils and my anger turns my organs into mini-powder kegs.

I’ll revisit this whole “website” thing a little later. Until then, why don’t you enjoy some fine reading?


Alright. I finally made this domain my bitch. You can now feel free to direct your browser to Nice.


And lo, though I did conquer the process, I’ve found out (tragically) that the blogger platforms integration with my webhost is hella restrictive so all the cool stuff that I wanted to do with this new domain/hosting plan aren’t really feasible. Long story short: I’m probably going to migrate this site to the wordpress system. I’m researching the least disruptive method to do so at the moment so it should be some time before it goes into effect.

Thanks for your patience in this time of great craziness.


Alright. Back into the fray. We’ll be offline at the .com for a bit.

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