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So for the last few months I worked really hard on putting out Gods—which has accumulated a ton of plays and I guess people are happy with it! I’ve been wondering what’s next and perhaps you have as well. My hope was that my Patreon campaign would take off, giving me more resources to pour into my next game, but that hasn’t happened as yet. It’s a mixed blessing. The down time has allowed me to revisit a few projects that have been dormant. That said, I’m going to be working on Leaving the League again. I spent most of the day re-reading the series (and ack! My writing/editing skills have grown significantly since I started) and I’m finally ready to start working on it again.

I’m also in the midst of development on Bad Radicals of the Golden State which is a little bonus game that will be made available exclusively through my Patreon campaign. Beyond that I’ve started to spitball at the idea of a longer game taking place in the world of my djinn cycle stories, including The Flavor Triptych. Whew!



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  1. Dnhd says:

    Leaving the League. Coming back. FUCK. ME. SIDEWAYS.


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