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nifty's finestA quick rundown of some of the best stuff I’ve found in the outlaw sea that is This feature was suggested by Thomas (@alikchialeika) on twitter and I was happy to oblige. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means and the stories that I put on this list need only amuse or titillate me; literary merit or even grammatical consistency be damned. 

The Exile Series by M Patroclus—this fantasy series was one of the first I read on Nifty that convinced me complex narratives with frequent digressions away from pure sex were possible. I haven’t kept up with it as well as I’d like over the years, but the first six or seven chapters were a big influence on me when I started writing erotic fantasy.

Dumb Horny Jock by CJ—I’ve highlighted these stories before, but it bears repeating: this story is all fun, unserious porniness in a delightfully tongue-in-cheek package. This is the kind of series that I sometimes wish I wrote. It’s full of big dicks, raging libidos, low-hanging balls and lower IQs. The author also has a tumblr: here.

Knows Best by Natty Soltesz—I’ll say upfront that this story is incest-themed which understandably squicks some people out. That said, Natty Soltesz revels in intergenerational tropes and uncovers the sexiness in them like few others. He’s a writer in his own caliber. You can also check out some choice selections at his website like Biology Lesson and After Hours.

Something Wicked This Way Cums by Tanda—Silly title? I agree. But don’t pass up the story just yet. It’s the horror-tinged tale of an incubus perverting a young man possessed of a very malleable mind. This was a story I read while still in high school (way back when!) and it’s stayed in the back of my mind since. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve spent many…erm…miles on this one.

So those are my picks for my first Nifty spotlight feature. What are some Nifty stories that you’ve adored? Couldn’t live without? Or, conversely, couldn’t WAIT to stop reading?


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  1. Thanks, chief! That Dumb Horny Jock series seems great, can’t wait to read more of it. I was highlighting my favorite Nifty stories for a while on my blog, check em out here:

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