New News — 9 July 2011

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I’ve been somewhat off the grid recently. Weekends are always hard because there’s so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. Also I started a new job this week and there were the prerequisite anxiety attacks to confront — but now I’m here with the new news. 
  • I always talk shit about making multiple-choice games on this blog, but I’m actually really seriously honestly working on a short one/demo called “The Care and Feeding of a High School Senior”. It’s a slightly tongue-in-cheek adventure about a guy named Fitz choosing an extracurricular activity & the hijinx therein. Hopefully I can bang it out by the end of this weekend, but scavenging time is hard…
  • The less said about my longer term writing projects at the moment the better. Let’s say: they’re coming along and it’s mostly just a lack of time why there haven’t been more updates.
  • More 1,000 updates scheduled for the upcoming week. Look out for them. 
That’s it. I’m exhausted. Too much pool, sun, and sushi. 

à bientôt,

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