A Month of Fuck: Or, How April Fell Apart

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So if you keep up with this site you know that I had a lot of big promises for April. There was a mini-series, a multi-chapter update for Leaving the League, new short fiction every monday and more. In the end I fell short of some of those promises. Sorry about that. Here’s an inside look at how everything implodified.

Ben is Careerist Scum

The middle-to-end of April was swamped by Chevalier. With the end of my first serial drawing to a close, so much of my attention was focused on that project that a lot of other work got lost in the shuffle. Before April even started I’d budgeted a goodly amount of time to get Chevalier squared away, but the beast was bigger and stronger than my poor mind could have anticipated. In the end, because of deadlines and a strict publishing schedule, I had to bump this project to the head of the class to the detriment of my Erotic Ledger calendar.

Ben is a Vacationing Asshole

I took a trip to Mexico. I admit, it was amazing. Beaches, sun, all kind of drinks. I was sauced, dear reader, for the last five days of March and I also didn’t have my computer with me. I could have written by hand, but for the most part I was using them to carry drinks. I can say I’m sorry about that, but I’m definitely not. Mexico was awesome and you should be happy for me, dammit!

Ben performs the equivalent of Sweatshop Labor 

I work—a lot—at a job that punishes me physically and challenges my ability to adequately deal with stress. For the most part I can handle it, but one thing that this gig does is ruins my weekends. I haven’t had an entire weekend free in quite some time. The utter lack of a weekend means that I have to get everything done during the week which is hard when you’re also trying to conduct a regular life. Forget even seeing my boyfriend whose schedule is orders of magnitude more insane than my own.

Ben kind of does this for Free

Though I have a few pieces of work here and there that are available for purchase (at pretty uniformly low prices) the vast majority of my fiction is free to you, dear reader. I love being able to provide free work because to be honest, for most of life, I’ve been broke as fuck. I know that free is  the best price for a lot of people, but also that one can start piling expectations onto free work that the price tag can’t support.

The reality is that this site doesn’t support me, in fact, I support this site. I pay for hosting out-of-pocket instead of bludgeoning you with ads and I don’t mind. If you’d like to support me, buy one (or all) of my stories or tell a friend about my work. If you just want to read free smut, then I promise, this will remain a destination for that sort of thing into the foreseeable future.

Either way, I made promises about what was coming up for April and a lot of those stories didn’t materialize. I apologize and I hope that what did shake out of April was interesting, compelling, and kept you coming back for more. I can’t promise a deluge of content over the next few months, but I promise that there will certainly be good reading on this site.

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