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So just to be absolutely clear: this is not a story about bestiality. It also contains themes of domination/submission, and a generally kinky atmosphere. If that’s not your thing, that’s cool. 

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.”
-Samuel Johnson


Firio arrived at the party with his piglet on a short leather leash. He did not tie up his piglet in the pen with the other animals though, he did not feel that any of those other creatures were close to his animal’s breeding so he took it with him into the parlor. As a well-trained and well-behaved animal, his piglet crouched beside him as he sat. A servant went from person to person pouring amber liquor into fat glasses.

One of the other owners sniffed at his animal’s presence, and said, “what is that abominable stench? It’s as if someone let an animal into the place.”

Firio swirled his brandy and smiled wryly. “Perhaps it’s that mustache of yours, one must be so careful with food and drink.”

The owner purpled with anger, but kept his peace. Firio, for his part, did not further antagonize the man, knowing that the event’s host would look down on such aggressive behavior. After the seven o’clock bell rang, the owners leisurely finished their drinks and made their into the showing room.

Firio’s piglet trotted dutifully behind him and he had to take a certain pride in his groomer’s work. The piglet’s beard was neatly shaved, his body healthy if inclined toward a sweet pudginess, and his shapely genitals shoved into a black jockstrap that framed his ass in a way that made Firio’s mouth water, despite his avowed disinterest in any moral turpitude. He had always detested the idea of an owner lying with their animal. He thought it set a poor standard. Instead he allowed his own exceptional character to show through in his choices: he refrained from tasting the meat of his tender piglet and instead took his pleasure from its showing.

He had paid a respectable sum to insure that his animal was first in the showing, thereby insuring that his piglet set the standard for the evening. First the owners took their places around the circular room. Above them were many monitors revealing different angles of the showing area so that none of the owners might miss a single thing. There was some modest murmuring that the host had been generous to establish such a thing. Once the owners were seated the handlers entered. One of them approached Firio and offered a hand into which he gently placed the leash. The handler bowed to him and led his piglet into the center of the room where there was a generous rug to protect his animal’s sensitive knees.

The first test, and the one that Firio was least concerned about, was the obedience test. The handler ordered the piglet down onto his chest with ass pointed high into the air, with which the piglet readily complied. Then he was ordered to take both hands and spread his ass wide. He also did this, revealing his pink center. An owner to Firio’s left made an approving comment about preferring his meat medium rare.

“Finger yourself, animal. Quietly, but vigorously,” the handler commanded.

His piglet was tentative at first, so much so that Firio very nearly started to worry that he would not comply as fully as he would need to in order to receive top marks, but his fears were misplaced. The piglet, fully aware of the gravity of the eyes upon him, merely teased their desire. He tested the limits of their patience as he slipped a finger, then two inside himself. Of course, the piglet had been seasoned in advance so that his meat would be tender, flavorful, and moist, but he still made a remarkable show of it. His face contorted with such effort and intensity that Firio stiffened. Upon insertion of a third finger, Firio began casually rubbing the bulge in his trousers and noted with some amusement that he was far from the first to begin doing so.

“Show yourself,” the handler barked.

With his non-occupied hand, the piglet pushed himself up off his chest and onto his knees without removing the fingers from his hole. He reached down and shifted his jockstrap aside to allow his erect cock to flop out. He squeezed the tip and allowed a fat pearl of precum to escape, it hung suspended from his cock for some time before falling to the rug.

The second test proceeded without comment, partially Firio thought, to emphasize the brutality of it. The handler lashed out with a hand across the piglet’s face. The piglet reeled from the blow, and his cheek reddened. He recovered quickly though and readied for the second blow. It surely came, an open-palmed slap across the other side of his face that was nearly hard enough to tilt the piglet off of his balance. But the poor creature did not cry out. A few of the owners made noises of approval. A well-bred animal always kept its composure.

The handler called out for the slaughterhouse. The piglet tucked his cock back into his jockstrap and took a presentation position once again with his ass high in the air.

Only about a quarter of the animals in showing ever made it to the slaughterhouse. Many were disqualified for fractional offenses like reacting too slow to commands or crying out in pain. Some were simply disqualified for lacking the proper respect due to the handler. One dirty look was all it took to put an animal back in the pen and end their showing outright.

A half-dozen men filed into the center of the room. Each of them was a fine physical specimen with artisanal bodies and handsome genitals. Their faces, which Firio was sure were as delightful as their bodies, were covered in dark hoods that obscured their features but not their vision. It was a sign that these men were not there to be admired.

“Number one, to your work,” the handler said.

The first man climbed behind the pig and spat into his hand. He moistened his already lubricated dick, probably for the benefit of the crowd, and pushed into the piglet roughly. This was the part that concerned Firio. He did not know a single worthwhile owner who didn’t cringe a little to see their animal treated so. At the same time, Firio would not pretend it did not excite him.

“Harder. I want to hear you fuck,” the handler called.

The piglet’s red face ground into the carpet as the man fucked him from behind. His rigid cock made a tent of his jockstrap. Abruptly the man grunted and shoved himself deep inside the piglet. When he pulled out, his dick dripped, the handler approached and slipped a finger inside of the piglet’s hole. He withdrew it and rubbed the cum between his fingers before nodding.

“Number two, to your work.”

The second man took his position and seemingly resumed the same merciless fuck that the first had begun. The piglet was breathing heavily, but otherwise seemed to be doing well. His erection hadn’t flagged.

“Quite some cunt this one has. Frankly insatiable,” one of the owners opined to another while jerking himself off.

It had come to the point in the showing where the servant’s trays were loaded not just with drinks, but also small bottles of lubricant for the owners’ pleasure. Firio held off, despite the nearly painful press in his trousers. He wanted to savor the tension. He wanted to feel like his desire was driving him mad.

The second man shuddered and pulled out of the pig. The handler checked to ensure that he’d cum and the third man took went to the fucking position. An owner to Firio’s right stared with glazed eyes at one of the monitors showing a close-up replay of spunk dripping from the piglet’s hole as the second man withdrew. The replay looped and after a minute or so the owner lost it and came all over himself. Within seconds there was a servant crouched between the man’s leg, licking up the cum from his expensive suit.

After the third man left his deposit a fourth crouched behind the piglet. Firio’s pet was flagging, but kept his poise. The fourth man had a slightly larger unit than those before and Firio could see the effort of taking such a big dick on his animal’s face. The piglet was sweaty and flushed. His ass was red from the vigorous efforts of his coupling partners. His hole well used. Firio could no longer hold back, he raised a hand and a servant came by. He indicated the bulge in his pants and the servant kneeled before him, unzipped him, and took his erection into his mouth.

Firio more or less ignored the man fellating him as he watched his fourth man finish inside his pet and the fifth man approach. After the size of his last partner, the fifth seemed a welcome reprieve. The piglet seemed reenergized and his eyes fluttered as the fifth man fucked his ass.

Firio yanked the servant’s hair and his cry reverberated through Firio’s dick.

“Slower, man! I shall be very very cross with you if you bring me off before the end of my animal’s showing.”

The sixth man approached and switched with the fifth in a smooth transition. The sixth man was a showman, his chiseled stomach muscles were fully engaged as he fucked Firio’s piglet. He wrapped the back strap of the piglet’s jock tight in his fist and tugged them like reins as he used the animal. Firio stiffened in the servant’s mouth.

The sixth man leaned into the piglet and whispered something as they fucked. It was too low for the microphones to pick up, but the piglet responded by pushing back against the man’s dick. A few of the owners complained at that. To see an animal showing such initiative was distasteful to some who considered animals solely for dominating, but Firio saw no reason why his piglet shouldn’t enjoy himself.

The sixth cocksman eventually came to the end of his endurance. He withdrew, spent and left the center of the room. The piglet was left on his knees covered in sweat, dripping from his twitching fuckhole and panting.

When the slaughterhouse was over, the handler helped the piglet up onto his feet and then took a step back.

“The pig passes,” the handler said.

The piglet stood in the center of the room looking exhausted and bashful. There was a creamy white spot in the front of his black jock where an orgasm had been pounded out of him. Elsewhere trails of men’s seed made rivulets down his legs.

Firio fixed his eyes on his tender debased piglet and finally allowed himself cum.

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