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Started writing this post a bit earlier, but it got overwrought and sentimental — instead I’ll just say what I wanted to say in the first place.

As I tweeted earlier, I’m disappointed by the slowness of the gaming industry to court casual gay/queer gamers. At least, I was disappointed until I realized that most of the best efforts of tantalizing queer work comes from inside rather than outside the community. Not to say that there isn’t gay talent in the video game industry, but that the studio heads and CEOs who are making and funding these games are busy courting easier targets to make their millions.

There are examples of industry bucking work: Bioware (Dragon Age Origins) and game designer Peter Molyneux (the Fable series) for example. But these examples are so few and far between as to almost be depressing and their work isn’t always representative (Mass Effect 3, anyone?)

There are talented artists, designers, programmers, and writers in the gay community. Maybe we’d be better served if we took some time out and started making our own entertainment?

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