Lazers, y’all! — Updates for the week of Jun 3rd

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So it’s been a long week with a lot of cool stuff, personally as well as professionally. I had a visit from a college friend who put some things into perspective for me as well as some fun drinking and tree-climbing shenanigans elsewhere. Unfortunately that didn’t leave a ton of time for writing, but take heart, I’ll back into a responsible groove ASAP. Until then why not check out some of these things that I really like and highly recommend:

House of Stone by Vaughn R. Demont

This book is whip-smart, fast-paced and at heart it’s a gay adventure novel. This is the kind of book that I wish I could have read growing up and maturing as a writer + sex. Richard is a compelling lead as a piss-poor fae knight and his relationship to his servant Simaron is especially fun. Give it a read, even if you don’t like Pearl Jam.

The Darts Dodge by Haku

This is a little story that took me by surprise. It occupies a murky area sexually that inches toward an uncomfortable place concerning the sexual domination of a young man for profit so I should mention that it might be trigger-y for some people, but there’s something about the writing that has stayed with me.

And finally, if you’re into gay sexuality and any kind of intellectualism you probably owe it to yourself to check out:

Homo a kind of online scrapbook (or regular ol’ tumblr) with radical politics and a firm stance on smut (pro, by the way). Who doesn’t love a smart queer with an axe to grind against hegemonic forces?


Also, a note:

You may have realized that my story ‘Chevalier’ has disappeared from the Nifty Archive (!) it’s actually because I’m working on re-releasing it in true serial format with JMS Books (who has also published my ‘God’s Spire’ story). The story was always meant to be a series of standalone works and I’m happy to say that JMS really understands and is excited about my vision for the story, so look out for a re-release of the first story and the complete second adventure in a few months (I’ll let you know when).

2 responses to “Lazers, y’all! — Updates for the week of Jun 3rd”

  1. “This is the kind of book that I wish I could have read growing up and maturing as a writer”

    That is probably the nicest thing someone has ever said about one of my books. Thanks! 🙂

    • Benji Bright says:

      Thanks for taking the time out to stop by. Obviously I was a huge fan of House of Stone and I actually just bought Coyote’s Creed on Friday so I’m excited about digging into that.

      I’m a strong believer in the “If it doesn’t represent you, make something that does” DIY spirit and I’d like to think that this website and the work I do on it makes good on that ethos, but it’s always nice to read something you instantly respond to. 😀

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