King of Zombies

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Ty’s Burger King crown is askance on his head and he calls himself ‘King of Zombies’. The summer sun has baked him to terracotta and only the uncooked skin at the waistband of his cargo shorts is paler. His pockets are brimming with bullets and his sniper rifle sits across his lap. He strokes it tenderly, absently.

“Going to the barber shop later?” Ty asks, gestures with his head.

I laugh, but the joke is as dusty as the streets below. The barber shop is across the street. Might as well be across the planet. Dozens of draggers mull aimlessly on Main street. There’s probably no one alive in the shop anyway to fix my hairline or tease me about not following basketball.

We’ve been holed up at Van Buren Technical High School. Only the upper floors. The lower ones are vulnerable to draggers. Elevation has become our best friend.

There’s a knock at the door and immediately Ty has his gun aimed and his trigger-finger tense. There’s another knock and his arms relax a bit, but his aim doesn’t. Sean pokes his head out of the door and Ty drops his gun back into his lap. The two of them have an uncanny resemblance…

“Hey, fag-o’s,” Sean says, by way of greeting.

…even if one of them is an asshole. Sean struts across the roof and throws us both clumps of glossy paper. I catch mine and Ty lets his hit the ground next to him. We look them over and figure out pretty quickly what Sean’s found.

“There’s at least a dozen more down there. Some kid’s locker. Had to use bolt cutters to get it open. I was looking for food, you know? But this is almost better.”

“Almost better than starving to death?” Ty asks.

Sean shrugs.

The cover of Ty’s magazine is two busty women licking an erect cock while glancing coyly at the camera. The guy’s face is far away, but you can tell he’s smiling. Mine is a latino guy in a g-string. I can feel Sean staring at me, expecting a reaction, instead I toss it to the ground. He laughs and points to another part of the roof, a bit higher up.

“I’m going to go whack it.” He looks at me again. “In privacy.”

Ty and I watch him go. And once he’s scrambled up to his secluded spot, Ty shakes his head.


“It’s ok.”

Ty looks at me. “It’s not. He’s my brother, but now we’re all family. All three of us. He shouldn’t be rude to you.”

Ty looks at the magazine and snorts, but adjusts his shorts anyway. I take the hint and start to stand.

“Hey, James.”


“Don’t go.” I turn and watch Ty unbuckle his belt and slide his shorts down his hips a little. His cock bounces free. “We’re in this together. Helping each other, right?”

He’s right. So heart beating hard I go over and help him out.

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