Developer’s Log


Development is going well. Two out of five plot threads have closed and I have three more to lock down before I can edit, cross browser-check, and release. As usual, Internet Explorer is the kid who’s not playing well with others at the birthday party, but I’m not overly concerned.

I wrote a good (in my opinion) scene yesterday that accidentally channels Welcome to Nightvale. I was trying to write something that drew from 50s/60s family TV shows and lovecraftian horror, but it ended up just reading like Nightvale fanfic. Whatever, I still dig it.

More updates soon.



Two-thirds (or 10 out of 15) of the total scenes are officially done. Today’s scene(s) include a weird handjob and a fairly intense (for me, anyway) anal scene, which was inspired in part by a reader request. So if you really want to get something into the game, check out the suggestion box. It’ll probably stay open through the weekend.



So I’ve wrapped four out five of the plot (I use the term plot lightly in relation to this game) branches. I have three more scenes to write before the game is complete and I have got the equivalent of game-senioritis. I am absolutely out of steam. But for you, dear reader, I’m going to make a double coffee, promise myself porn for finishing, and forge ahead. The things I do for you.

I’d love to give you a preview of some of the writing, but to be honest I haven’t edited shit yet and it’s all extremely rough. We’re talking barely even spellchecked rough. So that’ll have to wait.

Anyway, I’m making good time and I’ll definitely have this thing out by the end of the week for Patreon backers. Early to mid-May for the rest of the planet. Cheers!



Had to cut some content, which is always a bummer, but the work I think is stronger for it. There was some stuff that I really didn’t think was working. The good news is the first pass is otherwise complete. I have a ton of editing ahead of me and some code to optimize, but the project should be hitting alpha status by the end of the day. After that I check that all the branches are working and multi-browser test. Finally, I upload the bastard and see how it plays in the wild. It should be “done” in the next few days.