Developer’s Log


We’ll keep this simple. This is about a game which is called Fuck That Guy. It’s about 1/4 finished and should be done within a few days actually, assuming I can devote enough time this weekend to working on it.

It chronicles a simple night out for a gay dude who may or may not encounter a range of the eponymous ‘guys’. It’s sexy, unsubtle, occasionally dark, occasionally funny, and best of all, completely free.

Look for it next week: Jan 28 – Feb 1st.


So one of the branches of the game is completely finished, another will be finished and yet another started by close of business today. Exciting, right?

Depending on how much I get done today, I might have a teaser image up for you lot.


More than half the game is complete! I’m feeling pretty good about it so far. Maybe the sex scenes are a little self-indulgent, but hey, it’s my game, right?


One scene left to finish. One to write. One edit to rule them all.

I know this sentiment is somewhat common among writers of erotica, but man, sex is hard. If it’s not up by today, then definitely tomorrow, i.e. I’m on schedule.

UPDATE: 1:24 PM.

All the writing is officially done. This is the final story/game map.

Story Map of Fuck That Guy

Time to take a break, eat some soup, and then edit this monstrosity. You all should be playing this bad boy by dinner time!