This is your homebase for gay erotic text adventures/interactive fiction written using Twine.

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Traveler — You receive a card with no instructions. On the card there is an address printed and nothing else. That’s how ‘Traveler’ begins. How it ends is up to you.



Fuck that guy logoFuck That Guy —  Guide your unnamed protagonist through a night of raunchy, wild, or just plain weird hookups. Get laid, rinse, repeat.



Supplicant — Congratulations, Supplicant! You have been chosen to receive the testimony of the gods. Your disposition will determines how your story plays out, so choose carefully.



gods-mini-logoGod(s) — Come hang out in a world where gods or Others roam the streets alongside mortals and make many of the same dating mistakes; you are Cupid, god of desire, and behind every choice is a perversion waiting to happen.



chevalier quiz logo

The Chevalier Quiz — A quick quiz that matches up your responses with one of the four protagonists of my fantasy serial.




this ain't love icon

This Ain’t Love — A mostly accurate and pretty autobiographical trip through my sex life so far.








How to: Handle a Male of the Species — guide for taming, disciplining, and stimulating the wayward male.