New Interactive Fiction: The Chevalier Quiz!

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So I’ve been hard at work on (and awfully quiet about) my new piece of interactive fiction, written, as usual, in Twine. It’s a quiz based around the characters of my Chevalier series over at JMS Books. The series, if you haven’t read any of it so far, revolves around four mercenaries: Giovanni, the swordsman; Casic, the fighter; Giovanni, the alleged mage; and Farrbiner, the alchemist. Based entirely on your responses, the quiz tells you which of these gentlemen you’re closest to in alignment. The quiz is funny, irreverent and full of racy moments (though it’s not explicitly erotica).

If there’s any interest I can write a post-mortem development diary about the steps I took to create it. In the meanwhile: Play it here! And let me know how you liked it in the comments.

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