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Noblesse Oblige: A Thief’s Tale

Completion Level: ~ 31% | Status: On Hold

So I’m working on a brand spanking new interactive fiction game using the Twine engine that is actually a game this time. That means it has actual mechanics, actual choices and actual stats. I’m in the very early stages so far, but I have a very basic story mapped out, a sense of who the major players are, where the sex goes, etc. As for actually writing the damn thing, well, it’s early yet as you can see on the completion level. But check back here for more information as I continue on this slow (but super rewarding) process. Also, you can click the title of the project to view a more detailed developer log.

UPDATE 4/25/2014: A big part of the reason for my shelving this game were insufficiencies in Twine that I’m not a strong enough coder to work around. Happily the most recent edition of Twine has corrected most of those issues and made Noblesse Oblige feasible once again. I’m not not sure where the project falls on my current list of things, but I might finish it up one of these days.


The Divine Losers

Completion Level: 5% (Script writing and early visual designs)

I’m currently working on the follow-up to God(s), which is called The Divine Losers. It combines a similar sense of humor as the original game with an expanded cast. It’s currently being funded by my patreon campaign, so feel free to donate there for more up-to-the-minute updates on this project.

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My nom de plume is Benji Bright and I’m an erotica writer. I write the kind of smut that I like to read: hot, whimsical, occasionally thoughtful, and sometimes just plain silly. Outside of writing I’m a film buff, a music lover, and an RPG addict. Also I’m a real person: so feel free to contact me.

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