Holy Fuck!

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Every once in a while I get epically, cartoonishly terrible about updating this website. This has obviously happened recently, but fear not: I have not fallen into a well, nor have I absconded on my erotica writing millions to a lovely place on the coast. I’m still here and there are some interesting things in store for the future of this hovel.

I just signed a contract to have this site rebuilt by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Very exciting. I’ll also use that opportunity to release some new stuff!

Be patient with us as we work out the nitty gritty details and get stuff prepared for the re-launch. In the interim, the site will still be open for business and I’ll get back to the business of populating it very soon. I’ve had a project from my non-smut writing life taking a lot of my time recently, but ideally that will be wrapping soon and I’ll have some more wiggle room. I will do a fair amount of wiggling at that point.

Thanks for not hating me,


One response to “Holy Fuck!”

  1. ingonyama70 says:

    Some of us are here for the duration :p No worries; I get real life getting in the way of creativity.

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