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Ok, quick confession: I love amateur porn. Not Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher-type stuff, but actual every day dudes getting down in delicious ways. I have a veritable treasure trove of kinks, quirks, and pathological concerns, but one thing I really like is watching guys watch porn. There’s just something so great about it.

If I’m watching a video where a guy is spanking it to porn, I want to see what he’s watching and hear it as well. There’s something about watching exactly what is getting someone off. It’s balls-churningly fantastic!

Anyway, the latest Adventure School is up and running. Another should follow shortly. I haven’t started working on the next increment of Chevalier so that might take a smidgen longer.

But while I have your attention. I want to know what you’d like to see more of around here. Faster updates of the two series I’m running? More consistent installments of 1,000 words? Personal anecdotes of horny encounters?

Tell me, brave traveler, for I am your instrument of pleasure!


2 responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. I'd like to see all of the above, but in particular, I'd like the balance to tip toward the erotic, be it personal encounters or fiction. I like my erotica smartly written and you've certainly got the goods to deliver that. šŸ™‚

  2. Benji Bright says:

    So just more sex all around, eh? I think I can handle that.

    And thanks for calling me smart. I inferred that bit, but I'm greedy about compliments and take them where I can get them. Also, thanks for answering the question: I appreciate feedback immensely. I'd bake you a cupcake, but I'm only good at preparing meat. šŸ˜‰


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