Happy Monday!

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So I did a teensy bit of updating here. A new banner and a new profile picture to start and more to come once I get a little more time on my hands.

An Adventure School update is waiting in the wings for a little bit more editing (trying to sharpen the last few sections so that the finale is as satisfying as possible) and the next section of Chevalier is about half finished.

I have some other plans in the works as well, but you’ll have to hold on tight for those.

As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, or would like to goad me mercilessly on my lackadaisical nature.

And also, if you’re interested in gay comics/drawing from a manga/anime perspective: This is an awesome site http://fuckyeahbaradudes.tumblr.com/ — erotic, explicit, and consistently updated.

2 responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. Hey, you! Yeah, the lackadaisical one! **goad, goad**

  2. Benji Bright says:


    Message sent. I'm handcuffed to the keyboard until brilliance comes out! Or at least a sex scene or two 😉

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