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I got a pleasant surprise via email yesterday: a response of sorts to my story The Dressing Room. It involves an admirer watching the main character, Eddie, while he takes out his new suit for a test drive. How lucky am I that I get to wake up to shit like this on a Sunday morning? 😛

Note: This story is copyright of M. It wasn’t written by me, but I did copy-edit it for him and it is posted here with his permission.


The Fitting Room
by M (

Man. I picked up this bit of paper that fell out of your pocket way back in January. I hope the email address that was on it is yours. I saw you crossing the floor of the department store, and you were so out of place, but so hot, all sweaty with those hairy legs on show under those regrettably baggy shorts… So I followed you as you took those suits into the fitting rooms, taking a random selection of clothes myself as an excuse.

There was only one fitting room taken so I knew it must be you… and my cock twitched a little when I saw you had left the curtain carelessly a little open. So I took the fitting room opposite you and waited for the show… I was certainly not disappointed… anyway maybe I shouldn’t go on just yet in case this isn’t your email!

So there I was feeling foolish for following you in. I think I was feeling hopeful after a previous encounter I’ve had in there (more on that another time perhaps), but now, with the curtain of both rooms partly open I was feeling a little silly. Maybe I would just stay a while, try things on, and attempt to catch a glimpse of whatever you wear under those shorts.

And so I did. I could hear you slipping things off, caught a very fleeting glimpse of a very tasty looking ass wrapped in tight white cotton briefs. That alone was enough to get my cock swelling. You didn’t spend much time in the first dark suit you tried on, and again I caught tantalising glimpses. A bicep, a shoulder, a thigh, a foot. All incredibly arousing. And then there you were, opening the curtain in a light gray pinstripe. I was naked in my fitting room at this stage, with a raging hard on. And you had come out of the dressing room to check yourself out as you walked back and forth. But you were so deeply absorbed in enjoying the sight of yourself in the mirror you missed the half open curtain, and behind it you missed the 30-something guy, hairy, athletic build, with a hard on.

I watched as you walked past, those thighs of yours straining the soft thin material of the suit pants. The whiteness of the suit making a beautiful contrast on your glowing, still slightly sweating skin, and then round the other way, your ass pushing the back panel of the suit out perfectly (two vents was a perfect choice).

Then I realised you were enjoying the sight of yourself as much as I was! The next time I dared to look through the curtain, you were heading back into your fitting room, but you already had fished your hand into those tight pants, and there for me to feast my eyes upon was your huge, hard, glistening cock.

To my dismay, you shut the door. I felt compelled to come closer, so I took the cubicle next to you, making a naked dash across the corridor between the two rows of fitting rooms! My hard on nestled in the bundle of clothes I carried with me, no doubt leaving a web of precum for someone to discover.

From the cubicle next to you I could just see your feet, but I could hear your breathing getting quicker, and I could smell you. I could smell that unmistakable whiff that occurs when the cum is building up inside. There I was, naked, on my knees in a fitting room, praying the attendant wouldn’t surprise me (or maybe that he would), with my cock in my hand, oozing precum onto the floor.

And just as I felt that almighty tremble at the base of my cock, I saw it land between your feet. That warm sticky white mess. Imagining it landing on my tongue I spewed my own load all over the floor. I lay there, sticky, sweaty, and naked as I listened to you get dressed and leave…

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