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So if you’ve checked out my Interactive Fiction Updates page, you might have noticed that I’m working on a new text adventure for release sometime in Q1 [Jan 1-Mar 31]. My question today is whether you fine folks would be interested in throwing a few bucks my way in order to pay for a few pieces of art for the game. In return you’d get beta access several weeks before the game goes up free on this site. Any excess funds would go to tipping said artist(s) and paying for web hosting for this site. It’s a win/win/win!

Anyway, sound off in the poll in the sidebar to the right or feel free to drop opinions in the comments. Please keep in mind that at this point nothing is set in stone except that eventually this game will be posted here free at some point. Your opinions will help define how I proceed with this projects in the next few months, so be brutally honest if you don’t mind.

Thanks again.


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