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supplicant_bannerMy new(ish) game, Supplicant, is finally available!

Supplicant follows your travails as the chosen representative to a hedonistic pantheon, destined to bring the testimony of these off-kilter gods to the masses. Well, if you make it out of their twisted realms, anyway.

– A disposition system which—for the most part—dictates what kind of options are open to you with each god. Some respond well to faith, while others reward skepticism.
– Twelve unique scenarios and four very different deities.
– A novella length script.
– More gay stuff than you can shake a stick at.

Play it here. And, if you’d like to help generate other cool stuff, consider supporting my work on Patreon. That would be rad of you.

Thank you to the people who offered suggestions about potential scenarios and a big THANKS to my patreon sponsors. You are liquid, solid, and gaseous forms of awesome.

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