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This is the second entry in the Friction series. This series is designed primarily as a heavily eroticized alternative to some of my more plot-driven work. If you like this series and want to see more of it, let me know in the comments. 

Warren, the agent, had a big white smile and tweezed eyebrows. He was a smooth talker and even though it was hot outside, his perfectly curly hair wasn’t a bit disheveled. Ricky and I were both sweating hard: his dark green t-shirt was even darker under the arms and the light hair under my arms was matted and wet. Warren ushered us into the kennel and apologized for the heat as if he himself had switched on the sun that morning.

He talked up the variety and impeccable temperaments of the pets he had to show us. We followed him into the showroom and I was immediately surprised that there weren’t more perspective adopters roaming the floor. Aside from Ricky, myself, and maybe one other couple, the huge place was deserted. Warren seemed unfazed by the emptiness.

“It’s the damned heat,” he said, blushing a little at his own mild swearing. “We’ve been slow all week.” He brightened quickly. “But that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to show you some amazing potential additions to your home!”

Warren took us over to one of the cages where a younger fellow, maybe in his early twenties was sitting cross-legged playing with the prominent bulge in the front of his light blue trunks. A wetspot spread down the front of his underwear as we watched.

He fished his cock out and liberal precum dribbled from the fat, uncircumcised head. Every time he pulled back the skin it seemed there was more cock-spit waiting to leak down his swollen glans. He looked up at us and grinned. I grinned back, but Ricky kept his face impassive. Spurned on by the attention, the guy in the cage got harder and tugged at his dick with more verve. It was obscene how much of the clear, viscous liquid he could coax from his erection. A modest puddle of it gathered in front of him.

“Dennis is super loving and clearly quite the performer,” Warren said. “You’d never be disappointed by his eagerness to please.”

“We’re redoing our carpeting,” Ricky commented. “All that wetness? I don’t know…”

“He’s cute, though,” I added.

“He is,” Ricky said, but he was already moving on.

The next cage held two guys who resembled each other. One was bigger, broader across the chest and thighs with sturdy arms. The other a little slimmer and wiry, but not without his share of muscle. They both had bright red hair, blunt noses, and colorful tattoos down their arms, backs, and legs. As Ricky and I approached, we caught them playing. The slimmer redhead was curled back onto his shoulders with his thick cock angled at his mouth and his legs dangling over his head while the bigger one kneeled behind him and buried his face in his partner’s butt.

“DJ and JD,” Warren explained, and pointed at the bigger one, who was giving a spirited rimjob. “The big guy’s DJ. JD is the skinny one. Ideally we’d like to find a home for them both. They’re so attached.”

JD moaned and jerked his fat cock into his own face. He was just able to reach out his tongue and flick the head of it. DJ snacked eagerly on JD’s asshole with long, wet swipes of his broad tongue. I adjusted myself and leaned on Ricky’s shoulders.

“They seem nice,” I whispered.

Ricky reached down and cupped the tent in the front of my shorts.

“Yeah, I’m sure you’re thinking about how nice they are,” he replied.

Ricky could be a curmudgeon, but I could tell by how hard his nipples were and how he kept shifting his stance that I wasn’t the only one enjoying the show.

It was also worth noting that he didn’t move his hand from where it rested on my junk.

DJ used both hands to pry apart JD’s bubble butt and continued eating him out while his own stiffy bounced, free and needy, in the air. Eventually JD tensed up and with only a short bark as warning started unloading his cum in long spurts into his own open mouth. DJ growled approval, but didn’t stop his anal attentions, instead pushing his exploratory organ further into JD’s twitching hole. Ricky stroked my cock and nuts through the stiff fabric of my shorts while asking Warren about their vaccinations. Warren answered Ricky’s questions capably and professionally, but his eyes followed Ricky’s hand against my hard-on.

DJ used one hand to pump out his load against JD’s back while still snacking on his hole. Once they’d both tired themselves out, we moved on. Ricky didn’t think we were ready to take on two new family members.

“Tell me a little bit about this one,” Ricky said. His arms were crossed and his expression half-focus, half-frown. Warren chirped on undaunted:

“He’s from an exceptional bunch. Powerful, loyal, a fierce protector, but warm when it counts.”

The dark-haired man stood with both hands behind his back and his hairy chest thrust forward. The slant of his head telegraphed cockiness, but something in his eyes said it was quiet dignity, too. He stood stock still as we ogled his rigid body. I walked around the cage twice looking for an ounce of fat, but all I saw were his rock hard quads, his tree-trunk arms, and perfectly rounded shoulders. And his ass…

“Jesus,” I swore.

“I know, right?” Ricky agreed.

His cock stood proudly between his legs: I could have hung my entire wardrobe off of it.

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“Rome,” Warren told us.

“And much to take Rome off your hands?” Ricky asked.

Warren could barely conceal his grin when he quoted us a price. I coughed involuntarily and Ricky’s eyebrows nearly lodged themselves into his hairline. Rome’s adoption price was roughly our yearly budget multiplied by the GDP of a developing nation. Rome smiled smugly, flexed both pecs, and gave his massive cock a little squeeze for us as we walked away.

The inhabitant of the next cage was cute. A little gangly for Ricky’s tastes, I knew that right away, but he glanced over at us and smiled. He had the kind of smile that made you feel like the smiler would go out of their way for you.

“Hi,” I said to him. Warren had warned against talking directly to the adoptees, but his brown eyes caught hold of me. “What’s your name?”

He walked over to the edge of the cage, right next to us, and crouched down on both knees.

“I’m Joe,” he said.

He reached his hands through the bars and even though Warren glanced at him nervously, the salesman didn’t do anything to explicitly stop him. Joe unzipped Ricky’s camo shorts and out flopped my husband’s half-hard cock. Ricky looked down at Joe—awkwardly stroking his prick through the bars—like an indulgent father to a misguided child. I could already hear Ricky’s list of reasons for refusing to choose Joe: the intricate black-and-white tattoos snaking down his forearms wouldn’t look good to Ricky’s traditional parents, his lanky body didn’t have the requisite definition and gym-readiness, even so Ricky got hard.

Joe gripped his balls and gently pulled him forward until my husband’s crotch was flush with the steel bars. As Joe started sucking Ricky’s dick, sliding the fat head into his open mouth, Warren sidled up next to me and whispered Joe’s virtues into my ear.

“He’s completely up-to-date with his shots. Completely house broken. Affordable pricing,” he said.

Warren continued listing reasons to pull the trigger on the adoption—”Joe’s sweet natured and look how warmly he plays with your partner. Watch how he deep throats without gagging. Look at your husband’s eyes rolling back into his head and how his hips thrust forward, trying desperately to get as much of that dick down Joe’s throat”—while also reaching down the front of my shorts and massaging my cock.

“I think…” I started to say just as Ricky’s ass, already incredibly firm, clenched and his shoulders stiffened. I could imagine him losing his load, flooding Joe’s gullet with his cum. It was enough to set me off.

Warren withdrew his hand from my shorts, sticky and smelling brightly of the heady, ammonia scent of cum. He smiled his salesman’s smile as I rearranged my jizz-stained garment.

“I think we’ll take him,” I said. “Darling?”

Ricky cleared his throat and tucked his cock back into pants. Then he squatted down and reached through the bars to bring Joe’s face right up to his. I watched my husband kiss Joe between the bars.

I wanted to ask how his cum tasted on Joe’s lips, but instead I turned to Warren and asked, “where do we sign?”

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    Great greasy story!

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