Friction Series: Close Quarters

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So this is the first entry of a new series of stories called “Friction.” These are pretty much just self-indulgent spankbait, designed to showcase my pervert id and arouse me without paying too much attention to inconsequential things like making sense. 

Angus Mesner woke up ten minutes before his alarm, climbed out of bed, and started his morning stretches. He brewed a pot of coffee and put news radio on his phone’s speakers so he could listen while he showered. Afterward he got dressed: tight white boxer briefs that he took a minute to admire as he slid them up over his round ass, firm thighs, and ample bulge, along with a pair of charcoal slacks and a matching polo. He left at exactly five minutes to eight so that he could catch the eight-fifteen bus to work.

The eight-fifteen bus however didn’t arrive until eight-thirty. In the meanwhile Angus tapped his feet against the curb, checked his watch every three minutes, and sent six text messages to his office to let them know that he might be a few minutes late. When the bus arrived it was packed so tightly that he almost couldn’t get on. The bus driver was nonchalant and non-apologetic, muttering something about squeezing in.

Angus forced his way to the middle of the bus through a near solid wall of people. He had to apologize every inch he moved for bumping or jostling. Finally he crammed into a spot facing the thick fiberglass wall of the bus. Luckily it wasn’t stifling hot, though just as cramped. As the bus started up, Angus caught an elbow to the back of the head and someone’s knee struck him in the side.

‘It’s just a ten minute ride,’ he told himself.

He braced himself for the unsteady commute, but soon realized that the bus was so full that even if he were to be rocked off his feet there would be nowhere to fall. All around him was a fence of limbs keeping him upright. Angus was considering this when he felt a presence behind him. He craned his neck but could only see a bit of the tall, younger man’s bearded face.

“Sorry,” the guy said. “We’re a little squished here.”

“Yeah,” Angus agreed. He scooted forward the last centimeter available to him in order to clear more room for the man, but the stranger just moved forward with him, pressing his crotch into Angus’s backside.

Angus cleared his throat, but the man didn’t move. Worse still, the bus had stopped again and the nonchalant bus driver was letting more people on. The man pressed closer, presumably to make more room, and the space he’d stepped out of was instantly occupied. Even if Angus wanted to ask the bearded man to take a step back there would be nowhere for him to go.

“Sorry,” he repeated.

“Not your fault, I guess,” Angus said.

The bus started up again and Angus, now pressed against the thick glass wall, felt the bearded man rock forward. Angus coughed aloud because he didn’t know what else to do. The bus slowed down and the man moved forward again, each time sliding his crotch against Angus’s ass. Their positions were the same but Angus could feel the bearded man getting hard in his pants.

Heat rose up into Angus’s face and he felt an embarrassed stirring in his own slacks, even with his junk pressed against the cool glass for all the world to see. The bus turned down a new street and the nonchalant bus driver seemed to find every pothole. The bus shook violently and the bearded man again ground his cock into Angus’s butt, thereby forcing him into the window.

“Hey,” Angus sputtered eventually.

“Yeah, I know. Sorry, it’s a tight fit.”

“But you’re—”

Angus felt the bearded man gently squat behind him, the fabric of their pants rubbing together, and then rubbed his bulging groin all the way up Angus’s backside. The gesture was obscene and deliberate. There was no mistaking the man’s intentions now.

“What was that?” the bearded man asked.

“Er…nothing. Sorry, I um, nothing.”

Angus’s dick, already half-hard from the persistent rubbing on his ass, sprang up the rest of the way. Angus felt that the other people on the bus had to be seeing this bearded man hump his butt or at least feel his body moving, but pressed as he was there was nothing he could do without calling attention to himself. As for the bearded man, he didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. Instead he seems liberated, he humped Angus harder and pushed him forward against the window until Angus’s forehead, nose and chest in addition to his prick were pressing against the glass.

‘How is no one seeing this?’ Angus wondered. ‘But if I saw it, would I say anything, or just look away?’

With his face flushed and his ass being violated, Angus moved his hips just a little and slid his clothed erection up and down the glass in front of him. The brief contact sent all sorts of thrills through his body and caused some sticky wetness to seep out of the tip of his dick. He imagined how the pre-cum stain would spread on the front of his otherwise pristine white boxer briefs.

The man behind him, humping him, leaned forward and groaned in his ear. Angus continued to slightly grind against the glass. There weren’t too many people on the street and even then, the bus was moving fairly quickly. He didn’t think anyone could see him, but imagining them watching him get humped against his will made him harder and braver. He started thrusting more liberally, sliding his cock up and down the glass wall of the bus through his pants.

Angus let himself enjoy the feeling of the other man’s cock pressing into him. He had a big, warm dick and every once in a while he would lean down to whisper or groan directly into Angus’s ear, brushing against flesh with his scratchy beard.

“You’ve got a hot ass,” he murmured.

And that made Angus hump the wall harder.

“We’re gonna load up our pants, aren’t we? Nod, if you want me to shoot my cum on your tight butt.”

Angus’s cheeks burned with embarrassment, but he didn’t stop grinding the wall nor did the bearded man stop humping his ass. Angus hadn’t been this horny in a long time. He could already feel his balls churning. He desperately wanted to get off, right on the bus, in front of whoever was watching. And he wanted this stranger, this pervert, to get off too. He nodded.

“I knew you wanted it. Nobody has an ass like this unless they want it to be used. You ready for me? Ready to take my cum?”

Angus couldn’t take anymore. One final, hard thrust and he was shooting straight into and through the front of his slacks and underwear. His erratic breath fogged the glass as he shuddered his way through his orgasm. He watched a modest spot of his jizz slide down the glass and his spent dick twitched in his messy pants.

“Good, boy. My turn.”

And the bearded man pressed into Angus’s butt so firmly that when he blew his load, Angus could not only feel his cock flexing and spurting, but also feel the spunk seeping through the stranger’s pants and into his own.

“Oh shit,” Angus whispered.

“Yep,” the other man agreed.

It took a few stops before the bus started to clear out and the two men could move apart. Angus lowered his shoulder bag to waist level in order to hide his embarrassing stain, but the bearded man, who was handsome and well-dressed, did nothing to hide the large wet spot in the front of his jeans and on his shirt. Angus didn’t know quite how to interact with the man once they’d both gotten off, but the other guy was as genial as he was twisted. He met Angus’s gaze and put out a hand, which Angus shook.

“I’m Hank,” he said.


“Nice to uh…meet you, Angus. I actually live around the corner do you want to stop in? Get some coffee, get—” Hank lowered his gaze to Angus’s cum-soaked groin, then looked back up and grinned. “—cleaned up?”

“That would be great,” Angus replied. “Thank you.”

And by the time they got off the bus, Angus had taken a lesson from his new friend and shifted his shoulder bag back to his side. They allowed the world to gawk at their matching wetspots.

2 responses to “Friction Series: Close Quarters”

  1. the amazing squid says:

    This is probably one of the best things you’ve written in a long time. Please keep on going with the series!

    • Benji Bright says:

      Neat! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      The reason why I thought up this series was to give little snapshots of things I find hot. Glad it connected at least somewhat. And I definitely will continue! Thanks for the encouragement!

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