The Father’s Sins

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So I’m really excited to announce a new story in the world of The Spice Merchant and The Slave Prince. This story is called The Father’s Sins. It’s longer than both of the previous stories combined and completes the tale with the kind of ending that these unusual little stories desperately deserve.

I’ll (most likely) be releasing it bundled with the other two previously published stories in a pay-what-you-want format. If it works out—i.e. I make any money at all—I’ll consider extending this model and wrapping up in similar fashion a few of the bucketful of short stories kicking around this site.

So look out for more information on that front, but until then, here’s a taste of what’s in store:

Gulzur drank black qahwa and Hazael observed him: he seemed to move with nothing less than perfect deliberateness. ‘Gulzur the Slow’ they called this withered husk of a man. Hazael wouldn’t have named him so. Not with the fleetness of his brown eyes or the carefulness of his speech. No, Hazael did not see slowness before him.

“You honor with your presence, O king of men’s lives,” Gulzur said. He nearly imperceptibly emphasized the word men’s as if to throw Hazael’s earthly powers into question against the divine. Slow indeed, thought Hazael. Gulzur continued, “what might this lowly servant do to aid the Inestimable?”

‘You will have heard of my sons,” Hazael said, then licked his lips. “And what afflicts them.”

PS. Holy crapy, I think I just broke my arousal button writing the final scene of this story. Also, I may need professional help. 😉

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