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I was thinking last night about DRM (Digital Rights Management for those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to protections on certain files that keep them from being shared freely. Such as those on files downloaded from iTunes, among other places) and, well, let’s just say my mind wandered. 😛

I tapped into my headset and there was a voicemail waiting for me from my buddy Christian. I loaded it up with just a thought and the floating icon bounced up and then disappeared from the digital overlay that my headset cast over the world around me. It wasn’t much of a world. I’d been downsized from my job as a computer repair guy. It was an analog gig and I knew it wouldn’t exist long, but I’d hoped it would at least last until I completed my headset engineering course. Another analog job, but one that wasn’t likely to disappear since headsets had become ubiquitous and reality itself was now fully augmented by our digital overlays.

Christian’s voicemail began to play.

‘Tony, I heard about your job, man. I’m sorry. On the plus side, I bought the Companion 3.0 app and it’s DRM-free. Figured I’d share with a buddy in need. Enjoy.’

As Christian’s voice stopped, another icon popped into my display. A download link. I tapped my headset once to engage tactile feedback and hit the floating icon. It bounced once and then began downloading.

I had to wait for the app to finish so I got off my couch and walked over to the door of my studio apartment and locked it. I also went over and closed the blinds, sealing my cavern in proper darkness. If the new Companion app was anything like its previous iteration, I didn’t need my neighbors to be peaking in on me while I used it.

The iridescent green pulse caught my eye and I turned my attention to the download icon. It was finished and required action. I clicked it and the permissions screen opened.

::This application requires sensory feedback permission, as well as access to your contacts. Either permission may be revoked at any time. Will you allow access?


I agreed. The maker of the app had a good Information Access score. My display dimmed for a second and then a warning popped up that using the app while driving or operating machinery would be dangerous as the Companion app used dynamic environmental interaction technology, meaning that it could naturally interact with things around you, thus distracting you from the real world. After the warning passed, my display flickered and there was a man sitting on my coffee table.

He smiled.

“Hey,” he said.


“You must be Christian’s friend. I’m his digital companion,” the man explained.

“Nice to meet you,” I said.

“Christian said it was ok if I shared details with you about our interactions. Are you interested in those details or would you prefer an isolated session?” he asked.

“I don’t need privacy. Christian and I are close.”

“And can I share your details with him?”

A little note popped up in my display making it explicit that the app was asking for permission to share private data. I approved it with a thought. He smiled.

“Nice. So, what kind of guy do you like?”

“Can you do an image search?” I asked. It was a new feature of the app which allowed it to rifle through a folder of pictures and videos and create a composite image based on the faces and bodies it found there. All I had to do was give it access and —

The man sitting on my coffee table changed. He was suddenly slightly broader in the chest, narrower in the waist and had dark hair down to his ears. His face was roughly stubbled and his arms were covered in dark hair as well. He was wearing tight jeans, a white t-shirt and a big belt buckle. He grinned. I got hard.

“Looks like you’re ready to start,” he said, with a touch of a texan drawl.

So I’ve got a thing for southerners, sue me.

“What’s your name?” I asked, as he got up from the coffee table and walked over to me on the couch.

“You can call me Chip if you like,” he said and crashed down on the couch next to me. He had a wicked look in his eye. “To be honest, I don’t care what you call me as long as you suck my dick.”

Fuck yes.

I got to work unbuckling his belt and marveled at how real it felt to my fingertips. I could smell the leather of his belt and once I started to unzip his jeans, I got a whiff of his scent: masculine and semi-sweet, but a little sweaty too. In other words: perfect.

Together we got his jeans down to his hips and his cock sprang out. It was a decent length and thicker than average. Great for wrapping your mouth around. I didn’t waste any time. I knew, intellectually that I probably looked ridiculous giving a blowjob to air, but whatever my headset was feeding my brain elicited actual tactile responses as well as aural, aromatic, and gustatory responses. For all I knew, I was really blowing this dude and thank god, I hadn’t gotten laid in far too long.

Eventually he shifted and we pulled his jeans off altogether. He laid back on my couch and spread his legs.

“Mind giving me a tongue-down,” he said, and smiled. “Way-down, I mean.”

I didn’t hesitate. I brought my face to his muscled ass and spread his cheeks apart until they revealed my prize. I dove in tongue first and his hole twitched appreciatively. He tasted great, and his filthy mouth encouraged me.

“Go on. Lick me up, you nasty fucker. Jeez. You’re giving me wood real bad, Tony.”

I pulled my mouth away just far enough so that I could insert a finger into him. He thrilled at that, shivering and pushing back against my finger. He was tight, but so willing. I had to fuck him.

“Christian gave me a load this morning, but I think I’m ready for another one. Whatdya’ say, pal? Wanna do me a favor and plow my hole for a spell?”

No lube. No condom. No problem. Chip’s hole was hot, tight, and wet enough for me to just slide right in with only the slightest resistance. I didn’t have to ask if he was ok because the look on his face was positively beatific.

“You like that?” I asked, starting to thrust into him a little bit.

“Hell yeah,” he shouted back. “Pound me!”

Fuck yes.

I nailed Chip with all the fervor and frustration that had been pent up in me for months. I couldn’t think of a bottom who’d ever taken my dick as eagerly and still asked for more. At one point I was humping his ass so hard that I had an irrational fear I’d hurt him, but he wrapped his legs around me and pulled me deeper. I was sweating, red-faced, and blissful when I started to stuff my load deep into him. He shouted something and started cumming himself without touching himself at all. The volume of his cum was spectacular, but not so unreal that it took me out of the experience.

Afterward Chip patted me on the leg and winked at me.

“Should I hang around for a bit?” he asked.

“Nah,” I said. “I’m not the cuddling after sex type.”

“Me neither. Thanks for a fun time though, I’m sure Christian will love hearing all about it.”

Christian had a thing for sloppy seconds and I’m sure Chip would give him plenty of details about our time together.

“Alright, I’m off. See you again?” Chip asked.

“If your owner lets you out of his sight.”

Chip laughed. “Somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”

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  1. Ingonyama says:

    This is clever. Ever since a seven-year-old me first watched Star Trek: The Next Generation and learned about the holodeck, I think this was never far from my mind.

    I love the idea of virtual boyfriends; there’s a truckload of story potential there. This was awesome. Kudos!

    • Benji Bright says:

      Thanks, Yama.

      I think it’s an interesting premise for sure, though depending on the sophistication of the technology it could have squicky implications. 😛

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