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Screenshot from the game Doors.

I’ve been getting back to my interactive fiction roots and I’m working on an ongoing interactive erotic fiction game called Doors. It’s sorcery meets gay sex, balancing humor and hot scenes with just a touch of arcane dread.

The story concerns four sorcery students thrust into a new world as a result of their own curiosity and recklessness. You will have to make alliances, train your skills, and survive strange challenges as you attempt to return to the world you know.

The demo is live now on and includes one sex scene (and a bit of masturbation as well.)

The project is free to play—it’ll be updated once a month on itch, but my patreon subscribers will get updates every two weeks and voting rights on new content.

Check out the demo!

(Also, a general note: if you’re wondering what the shit I’ve been up to since last I regularly updated this site you can find my fiction on patreon as a subscriber and my interactive stuff on

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