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I went to St. Louis to sell books (people liked the cover!)  took a vacation (in Boston, of all places!), had a friend visit (we toured the wonderful, mysterious streets of Chicago!), and drank far more than a body should. It’s been a wild, interesting summer and that’s not including the hours I threw into game development (in my other life) or my day job.

It’s totally understandable that this space feels a little neglected by comparison. But you know, dear reader, I shan’t keep you waiting overlong. At least not intentionally. I’m working on new stuff: games, fiction, etc.

Hopefully some of this shit will make its way to you through the unwieldy tubes sooner rather than later, but I’m playing a mean game of catch-up-quick. I do have a question for you though:

Would you rather play through a short demo of an upcoming twine project or just play it when it’s released and finished? 

Poll Closed. Thanks for your responses, y’all!

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My nom de plume is Benji Bright and I’m an erotica writer. I write the kind of smut that I like to read: hot, whimsical, occasionally thoughtful, and sometimes just plain silly. Outside of writing I’m a film buff, a music lover, and an RPG addict. Also I’m a real person: so feel free to contact me.

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