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Sorry I’ve been an absentee parent to this blog. I started a new job this week and training has been weirdly scheduled and the rote memorization has been kicking my ass; an ass which looks absolutely superb in my new uniform, I might add.

That said I’ve been a little behind my posting schedule and even further behind on my writing schedule, but I’m working on it. Little engine that could style.

I was thinking about doing some kind of sweepstakes thing where you guys could win something, maybe a bound and signed copy of a few stories? If anyone is interested in that, email me and if there’s enough interest I’ll figure something out. Since none of my erotic fiction has been in print yet, it might be nice, yeah?

[thirty minutes later…]

Man, I can’t get this post finished! All these bloody interruptions!

[forty-five minutes later…]

Alright, I’m calling it quits. More updates soon. You guys are aces.


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