Dear Monday,

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Monday, do you ever feel like shit? Do you ever wake up with a sore throat and your mother hovering over you creepily? Do you ever listen to Monkey Gone to Heaven by The Pixies in order to wake yourself up?

Monday, I ate some street food last night and I think I need a tetanus shot. Monday, you’re inanimate and you don’t care about my problems. Anyway, what I’m trying to tell you is that I’m in New York City, my hometown, trying to make it through five days of wall-to-wall fun (and also “fun”). I’ll probably sneak in an update or two, but unfortunately I don’t have anything currently in the coffers so this might be a lean week. Sorry, Monday.

If you’re looking for something to read, why not try buying one of my stories? If you’re a little broke, don’t worry, Monday, even days of the week have diminished spending power on occasion. Here’s a story that I enjoyed recently, it’s called Dumb Horny Jock and it’s as dumb and simple as its name, but still a damn effective, humorous wank story. Have at it.

Monday, don’t give me that fucking look…

3 responses to “Dear Monday,”

  1. CJ SG says:

    Hey man, CJ here. I’m the author of the Dumb Horny Jock series. Glad you liked it enough to post it here 🙂 I started a tumblr and through searching, I found my story on your site.
    Definitely simple… but I hope you shot a wad or two over it.

    • Benji Bright says:

      Hey CJ,

      I loved the story! It was silly, but visceral, like a playful punch in the arm. I was going to email you about it while I was initially reading the story, but I was writing it one-handed and…well…I had other things to do at the time. I kinda lost track 😉

      I’m going to check out your Tumblr right now!


  2. […] Horny Jock by CJ—I’ve highlighted these stories before, but it bears repeating: this story is all fun, unserious porniness in a delightfully […]

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