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Sometime soon (read: eventually) I’ll be launching a custom erotica option here on The Erotic Ledger meaning you can get your fantasies filtered through the lens of my sketchy, ridiculous brain. As a preview/thank you to readers of this humble blog, I’ll be doing three 500 words stories on the subject of your choosing:

How this will work

In theory, I’ll do up to six of these 500 word stories and it’s first come first serve. Comment on this post with three words and I’ll use those three words to make a story. Easy!


I’ll be available to do this until tomorrow (Thursday) at 12 p.m. CST (click here) so hurry up, will you? If no one speaks up, I’ll just end up watching season one of Supernatural on Netflix and masturbating, which is a sin. You don’t want me to sin, do you?

I reserve the right to choose not to write on any topics that squick me out (no dead people [I guess vampires and shit don’t count], or animal sex, or scat, or blood…) But if I reject one of your ideas, you can feel free to pitch another.

So let’s hear it folks, what do you want to read?



UPDATE: Ack! There’s some bug that’s causing weird redirects and comments can’t be properly posted just now. Working on it. My bad.

UPDATE 2: OK, so I think it’s fixed now. If anyone has any problems, now or in the future, just email me directly at benjibright at gmail dot com. 

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