Closing the Deal

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This is a sequel to The Interview which you might want to read before taking this one in. 

Nick took a deeper breath than he wanted to and a shallower one than he needed. He smiled and closed his folder.

“Any questions?” he asked.

One of the clients sat with his hands folded while the other merely tapped his pen on the desk. They looked at each other from across the table, they made discreet notes in their own folders, and they checked their watches. They did everything but look at Nick.

Eventually though, one of them looked up at him. His name was Patrick, he was a junior executive at the company Nick was hoping to hook. He had startlingly green eyes and pouty lips. His light stubble and meticulous haircut gave the impression of a young businessman as imagined by the pages of men’s magazines.

“We liked the presentation, Nick. We have no doubt that your company is a good fit for our needs, but these kinds of things are often decided by feelings as much as facts. My colleague is…you seem like a nice enough guy, Nick.”

The colleague cleared his throat and the green-eyed businessman smiled apologetically and then folded his hands again. The older man was Stanley Hartford, the CEO. His hair was peppered with gray but he was handsome still. Nearly as devastatingly so as his younger colleague even across the gap of over a decade which made his looks all the more impressive.

“We’ve worked with your firm before, Nick,” Stanley started, “and we’ve found your predecessors to be cocky, arrogant, boastful. We want to know that you’re the kind of person, and let’s be frank, this is a multi-million dollar deal and you’ll be our liaison with your firm, that’s no small job. We want to make sure you’re humble enough to do this without ego. That you’ll stay in line.”

Nick nodded. “You have nothing to worry about, gentlemen. I’m 100% focused on the relationship between our companies and nothing else. This takes my full attention and I promise you that I’m the man you want for this. You won’t find anyone else quite as flexible or as humble.”

“That’s what Ralph tells us, but we’d like to see for ourselves.”

Nick felt his back start sweating at the reference to his boss. He nearly asked them what Ralph had told them about him, but from the predatory glances that the two of them were exchanging, he realized that he needn’t bother. Ralph had told them everything most likely: about how he’d shoved his expensive pen up the new guy’s asshole and had him cum all over the desk. The memory of that moment alone made Nick sweat even harder. He didn’t regret trading his hole for a corner office at one of the biggest firms in the city, but he’d thought that’d be the end of it…

“Patrick, can you close the blinds for me?” The younger jumped to do as he was asked. He closed all the blinds in the room and locked the door. The click of the lock sounded louder than it should have. Patrick sat back down.

“Nick, would you say this account is important to you?” Stanley asked.

“I would, of course.”

“Well, it’s important you should Patrick and I that you’re a team player. That you’re willing to make yourself a small part of the whole. A gesture of good will would certainly help things along, don’t you think?”

“Of course. What did you have in mind?” Nick asked, though he thought already knew the answer.

Stanley pursed his lips and sucked air through his teeth. “How about you make a suggestion and I’ll tell you how you’re doing at convincing me?”

Nick thought about all the arguments he could make and it took him a moment to decide on one. He took off his jacket off and laid it over the back of his chair. Stanley’s eyebrows rose. “Warmer.”

Nick had put a down payment down on an apartment in a very good neighborhood. He took off his tie and Stanley said, “Warmer.”

Itching in the back of his mind was a voice that told him that he would do this for free. It told him that he liked the attention of other men as he took his shirt off and laid it over his jacket. He wanted them to watch him lift his tank-top up over his head.

True to his word, Ralph had bought him a gym membership and thrice weekly sessions with a no-nonsense trainer who Nick despised as much as he respected. His body was becoming something it wasn’t before and from the way Stanley and Patrick were looking at him they clearly noticed it too.

He kicked off his shoes and unzipped his gray slacks. The sound was louder than it should have been. He pushed them down and stepped out of them. He left his underwear on, tiny white designer briefs that cradled his bulge and showed off his shapely butt. He turned in a slow circle to give his new business partners a view of all the assets he brought to the table.

“Very warm,” Stanley said. “Will you set your hands on the table for us, Nick? I think Patrick and I would both appreciate that.”

Nick put his left hand on the table, then his right. He did everything very deliberately. There was no need to rush. Once his hands were on the table, he cocked his hip and allowed his ass to poke out. Stanley nodded to Patrick and some silent communication passed between them. Patrick smoothed his tie and stood up. He walked over behind Nick and put both hands on his ass, feeling the ass and running both his thumbs under the fringes of Nick’s soft underwear.

“Patrick’s my son, did you know?” Stanley asked. Nick did not. “He’ll inherit this company from me eventually and I want him to know how to be a good judge of character. It’s important that he know what kind of man he can trust with him business. What kind of man can suffer through the bad times—”

Patrick slapped Nick’s ass with an open palm and the sound cracked the quiet of the room. Nick reeled with the suddenness and fierceness of the slap, and whimpered as a second one came down. He didn’t take his hands of the table though, knowing intuitively that this was a sort of test. Patrick slapped him again and again. Nick’s ass smarted, but he kept his noises to a minimum. After a few more, Patrick withdrew his hand.

“—and share in the bounty that comes with the good times,” Stanley continued.

Patrick slid Nick’s underwear down just enough to expose his throbbing cheeks. He could feel Patrick’s hands on either side of him, stabilizing him as he went down to his knees. He felt the tip of Patrick’s tongue lap experimentally at his hole. Nick clenched up, but Patrick rubbed both of his legs in what felt like a calming gesture. Nick tried to relax, but the feeling was new to him. It took some time before he could relax his hole enough to feel the first spark of pleasure. And once he’d felt the pleasure, realized it was there, he settled into it and let Patrick continue earnestly. Patrick ate Nick’s ass sloppily and with relish, so much so that Nick found himself pushing back, opening up, urging him deeper. The young businessman offered his middle finger, pushed it in while alternately sucking and licking at Nick’s hole.

Stanley watched this happen with a vaguely self-satisfied expression. “But the real test of a man’s business acumen is how he acquits himself during vigorous negotiations, isn’t that true, Nick?”

“Yes, sir,” Nick said.

“I’m glad you think so, I really am. Patrick?”

Nick was deflated when Patrick withdrew his tongue. His ass squirmed almost as if it had a mind of its own and Patrick swatted it playfully, nothing like the brief onslaught he’d delivered earlier. Nick looked back to see what Patrick was doing, but he just said, “eyes forward.”

Another finger slipped into Nick’s hole, wet this time. Well, wetter. His hole clamped down again. He suddenly had an idea of what was going on, or at least what was about to go on. This was different from taking a finger or a pen. He was sure…

“Relax,” Patrick told him as he slipped his finger out and then back in wetter. “It feels good. You’ll enjoy it, if not, tell me to stop. You won’t lose anything if you do. You’ve already proven you’re the man for the job. The rest…the rest is just fun.”

‘Just fun,’ Nick thought. ‘I hope so.’ He was curious about it. About what it would feel like. Another man inside him. The idea alone seemed absurd, but he wouldn’t have guessed that a tongue up his ass would have made him squirm like a teenager. He took a deep breath and tried to relax.

Patrick positioned himself behind Nick and Stanley just sat with his hands folded over the table. At some signal beyond Nick’s recognition, Patrick brushed his cock against Nick’s hole. Nick instinctively reached back to control the process, but Patrick calmly pushed his hand away, and whispered, “I’ve got this. Relax.”

And so Patrick began stretching open Nick’s hole. Nick’s felt his brows furrowing intensely and he pressed hard on the edge of the table. There was a kind of uncomfortable fullness that occasionally edged into pain, at which point Nick would make a noise and Patrick would withdraw, reapply lube and wait patiently for Nick to allow him back in. This process cycled a few times before Patrick finally pushed his full length in. By this time Nick was sweaty and grateful the worst was over. It was still a weird feeling, one that he wasn’t sure he enjoyed exactly, at least he wasn’t until Patrick started to fuck him.

Nick thought he would die at first. It was too much, too big to be inside him, Patrick was too insistent. He couldn’t take it. But…he wanted to?

He asked Patrick to slow down, which he did, and then to re-apply lube, which he did. After that it was better, easier. He could contemplate the fullness of his ass and linger on the barbed pleasure of another man fucking him. It made his dick a little harder and his mouth turn dry. Stanley watched all this with an approving eye, Nick wondered what kind of sick fuck wanted to watch his son fuck his new business partner, but Nick had to admit there was something hot about the scene. Something truly decadent.

Patrick didn’t let up, he fucked like he had something to prove. His hips went apeshit. He banged Nick’s tight hole and Nick just hung on, grit his teeth, and let the waves of solid pleasure move through him. He tried to hold on, he really did, but it was a lot to take. Nick lost it. He emptied his balls on the ground as Patrick clawed at his back.

“Your butt is going crazy, are you cumming?” Patrick asked. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

And the young businessman pushed in all the way and grunted for a few seconds. Then it was over. Patrick backed away, stuffed his cock back into his pants and zipped up. Nick pulled his clothes back on under Stanley’s gaze and tried not to redden. When he was dressed again, he cleared his throat as if that suddenly reclaimed his authority over the situation. As if he’d had any to begin with.

“So gentlemen, can I assume we’re doing business together?” Nick asked. He straightened his tie and pushed his hair out of his face.

Stanley made a face. “Well, Nick. You see the thing is—”

Nick’s chest tightened. He thought of his apartment and how he could never afford it if this deal fell through. He thought of what Ralph would do to him if this deal fell through. His asshole twitched uncomfortably. A line of sweat pushed through his brow.

“—I think we’re well past a simple business partnership. I think after that showing we can consider ourselves friends. I’ll send over all the paperwork. In fact, as long as you’re willing to…continue our unique relationship, perhaps with even more active participation from both Patrick and myself in the future, I don’t see why we can’t let you begin managing our full account.”

Full account meant…

“That a quarter billion dollar proposition,” Nick whispered. His voice was suddenly hoarse.

“What can I say? We treat our friends nicely, don’t we, Patrick?”

“We do,” Patrick agreed.

Nick wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve and tried to smile. He would have to call his realtor. He was going to need a bigger apartment.

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